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Dry Spell (Sweet Escape Book 1)

Sweet Escape series Escape differently but sweet this books is Hot and sexy and I loved every word. Mia London always gives us a great story we can fall in love with and this one is no different even with her co-writing with Susan Sheehey.  I have never read anything by Susan Sheehey but the two have done a great job with this book with interesting characters and a story to entertain the reader to which they can escape for a few hours of their day.  This is a short novella that will keep you clicking the pages over to see where this story may take us.  I was given an ARC copy of this book to which I have written my honest and voluntary review.  This just books one of the Sweet Escape series and I cannot wait to read more. 


Samantha Callahan is a career-driven, a workaholic in a man’s world and her friends have had enough of it.  With the Independence Day long weekend coming up her two friends Jorden and Liddy force her away for a week at the beach near Santa Cruz in a beachfront house.  At first, Sam finds it very hard to relax and enjoy her time away with her head still at work her friends do their best to enjoy life.


Chase Bradshaw is the typically sexy surfer boy next door type when you first meet him but there is a lot more to this man.  Chase left the high pace corporate world for the stress-free life and is working on building a centre for people on the Autism spectrum to improve their lives.  He is very happy when he learns that there are three ladies staying in the rented house next to him, not the usual renters that stay here.  Chase is instantly attracted to Sam to which he has her summed up in just a few minutes as an uptight corporate workaholic who finds it hard to let go and have fun.


Chase is a patient man that would do his best to make sure Sam had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed her time at the beach as well as his time together.  Help her learn that there is more to life than work.







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