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Dream of Her Heart

September 27, 2018

Wow this book had my attention to the very end with it warm loving story, mixed with a bit of history, you won’t want to put this one down.  In a time of war, decisions and action are different from the norm with many lives changed. As this is set in the1940’s the author had captured the essence of the time period exactly as I believed it would have been.  The 1940’s come alive in the words and as each page went by the more I felt for these wonderful characters in this wonderful wartime romance.  If you have read the other books in this series you just might remember some of the characters that pop back up in this one again to entertain us again.  I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my honest review that I write voluntarily and would highly recommend.


Nurse Billie Brighton goes above and beyond to help her patients in the veteran’s hospital, where she helps returning wounded soldiers recover from the war.  She loves to help the soldiers but she promised herself many years ago a soldier’s wife she would never be, she could not cope with the worry and the waiting.


Lieutenant Zane West comes to Oregon to visit with a very good friend before he returns to the Pacific to continue the dangerous mission of flying his plane.  He is most surprised when he arrives to learn that his friend Rock was not doing well and had disappeared from the hospital without a trace.  He meets Nurse Billie Brighton who just happened to be Rocks nurse; she is puzzled and censured as to his whereabouts and offers to help Zane look for this friend.  Lieutenant is a military man of ten years and has no plans to ever return to his family’s farm back in Texas.


As the two searches for the missing soldier they both start to find that they have feelings for each other but on the eve of Zane’s departure they decided to just stay friends.  Dejected that he could not find his friend Zane ventures back to the war with the distraction of a very beautiful your nurse on his mind.


The two keep in touch through letters and gifts and Billie will fight her own battle with her decision to not get close to a soldier.  Will she ever find her dream of a farmhouse with a dog and a few kids with a loving husband or will she just get her heart broken in the search?  Zane always said he was married to the military and she was his wife and his good friends his family but will the feisty, caring nurse change his plans or with fate do that for him?

 Step back in time to 1942 with a sweet, charming World War II romance full of history, heart, and a happily ever after.


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