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Dearest Stalker: Part 1

October 2, 2018

Wow wow wow I need part 2 like 5 minutes ago this book had me totally engrossed from the start and I was gutted when it comes to an end.  It will be the best 99 cents you ever spent.  I am already invested with these characters that I just count wait for the next book.  I never usually read the sneak peek in a book but this one I had too, that is how much I am craving more of this intriguing story by this author that I have never read before.  Lane Parker is writing a very addictive story and I just can't wait for the story to continue.  I received an ARC copy of this short book to which I am writing me a voluntary and honest review.  I highly recommend this book and this series of books by this new to me author.  If you like your books suspenseful, hot and steamy, on the edge of your seat compelling, intriguing characters with issues than this is the book for you.

What would you do if you found out you had a stalker?

Katie is at a very dark place with the death of her last living family member, she feels all along with nowhere to go.  She is a computer geek, a very plain Jane, educated but completely alone other than her best friend Ariel.


Why does she feel the way she feels about a man she has never seen?


Her Stalker has watched her for years from afar, vowing to keep her safe and he can't stop being close to her.  What will happen when he steps to close and has contact with her?


Book 1 of a 4 book series that will have you moved in so many different ways.


What happens when a woman falls in love with her stalker? 

I'm not the type of woman who actually inspires passion in any guy, much less one who makes it a habit to watch me because he's obsessed. 

I'm a curvy, plain Jane. I like my chips, chocolate, and junk food, and it definitely shows. 

I'm an educated geek who would rather have my nose in a  instead of a fashion magazine. 

But none of those things seems to matter to Stalker. He sees something in me that I don't see in myself, and I don't know why. 

I'm terrified, yet I'm inexplicably intrigued. 

I'm cautious by nature, but something makes me want to know who he is, and why he gives a sh*t about somebody like me. 

I know falling for a man I've never seen in the light of day is dangerous. 

Does he stalk me because he wants to own me, control me, and make me into the woman he thinks that I am? 

Does he want to hurt me, or is he just a lost soul like me? 

And why did it feel so good to touch him under the cover of darkness? 

Is he my nightmare or my dearest stalker? 

Getting to know him might be foolish, but for some reason, I just can't walk away... 

Author's note: This is a red-hot, sexy, curvy girl serial romance with an obsessed, alpha male stalker. Read at your own risk. The stories will come out in quick succession so you won't have to wait long for the conclusion.

 Lane Parker got sucked into reading romance since her teenage years.

She reads all kinds of romance books, the hotter the better.

She writes what she loves, hot happily ever after contemporary romance stories that feature strong women and bossy Alpha Males.

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