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You Were Meant For Me (Wishful Romance, #10)

October 4, 2018

It was so lovely to be back in Wishful and to catch up with all the character from the last books.  In this book we finally get Mitch story to sink our teeth into and I must say I was not disappointed at all. Wishful is one of my favourite fictional towns and I just love to immerse myself in this dynamic small town with realistic characters who love to meddle and speak their minds all for the good of others. I was a bit put off by the cover of this book as the female character look to bit a bit older than the actual character was, but that may just be me.  This book has a bit of spice and chemistry between the two characters which just added to the overall enjoyment of this next instalment into the lives of the Wishful family community we so much enjoy to read about.  Do you believe in Fate?  Fate will play a big part in this book that will bring two people back together again from across the world.  A vacation fling that was not live after its one week time has made Tess Peyton and Mitch Campbell reassess their own lives in the past for weeks.


Tess Peyton is a strong independent businesswoman who has worked hard to earn her place in the family business.  After she walked away from Scotland and the man she thought she could forget, she returns home from London to America to visit her father and new wife in a small town called Wishful.  She always has a plan and her plan was to say one week before going back to Denver


Mitch Campbell always thought he would be a bachelor he liked a woman and he loved to flirt with them but none had ever felt different enough to change his plans for.  All until he extended is a business trip in Europe and told one look a  lovely lady sing Dancing Queen in a Scottish pub.  He knew it was different straight away but one morning she was gone, so back to his like in Wishful he went.  When he goes home he soon realised that all his family and friends were paired up in a loving and committed relationship with family growing.  This is when it hit him hard this is what he wanted as well, but he did not even know her last name to try to find her.


The first night back Tess’s Dad has his new extended family over to me his daughter at the weekly family dinner.  Tess was jetlag and overwhelmed with everyone and then suddenly there he is the man she walked out on in Edinburgh and the man that has been on her mind ever since.


If Fate has played a part in them finding each other again what will Fate plan next?



"Just a fling," she said…

Tess Peyton wanted to do something fun and reckless and wholly out of character. A steamy weekend with a Scotsman seems like a plan. When her Scotsman turns out to be a good Southern boy, that's a minor deviation. Then one night turns to two, two turns to more, and suddenly she knows she's in way over her head. This is why one should always stick to the plan.

"Bachelor for life," he said...

But that was before all of Mitch Campbell's friends, cousins, and even his little sister started pairing off like someone was building an ark. No wonder he fell, and fell hard, for his "no attachments, no last names" European fling. And just when he's ready to tell the woman of his dreams that he wants to change that arrangement, she disappears, leaving him with no means of tracking her down, and a big ol' hole in his heart.

And then Fate stepped in...

Because, guess what? The guy Tess ran out on in Edinburgh shows up at family dinner. He's her dad's new wife's brother's son. What does that make them? It makes them "on again," according to Mitch and the explosive chemistry between them. Tess feels it too, along with a side of awkward, continued uncertainty, and some kind of stomach virus that seems to bother her most in the mornings…




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