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Tangled Love (Chaotic Rein, #1)

October 7, 2018

This book was a tearjerker from the first page and had me completely in its spell for the entire book.  Speechless comes to mind as I sit here to write this book review as it was full of emotions that that captivated you with Love. Loss, Regret, Anger, Hate, Revenge and Grief.  Tangled Love is a mind-blowing brilliant story with a  light and dark plot that will have you Laughing, crying, and totally invested with there characters.  Haley Jenner both write a brilliant and remarkable story with this first book of this new series that has me already eager to read the next one.  If you have not read any books by these two wonderful authors I would suggest you start with this one, being there lasts work which in my opinion is there best so far.  The story as told with such brilliance that it will grab your attention with every word that you read.  



Parker Shay and his brother Rocco are two young men with a dark past full of loss and full of vengeance over the death of their mother years ago.  They know who did it so they have a plan to cause the most pain and regret to the man accountable for the greatest loss of their lives.


My mom deserved more

Then we’ll have our peace.

We’ll have our revenge


He was only to do the surveillance on her but Parker soon decided to change the plan just to have a bit of fun.


I shouldn’t need this as much as I do.

I shouldn’t crave her the way I do.

I shouldn't want her. Not to the point of obsession.

Our love is tanged.  Knotted and impossible: neither of us having a single clue as to how we unwind it.  On how to make it right.

Codi Rein was happy with her life and her job, she believed she didn’t need more.  Until he walked into her workplace and changed her world completely.


My heart

My soul

My body


He did warn her from him but she did not take the warning to hear, maybe she should have.


The anger

The Guilt

The hate





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