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LUCA (Leaves of a Maples Book 5)

October 12, 2018

I love how Haley Jenner starts there books with a bang straight into the drama and chemistry within the first chapter gets me hooked every time.  This book had so many laughable moments and saying that it had me LOL.  I will most likely disappoint some readers to say this is the second book of the Leaves of a Maple I have read, I loved Archer so much when the opportunity to read this book as an ARC come up I could not say no. I do have Jake sitting on my kindle and a signed copy of my shelf so rest assure that I will be reading the whole series in the near future.  Even though I have not read the other three books I still found I could follower the backstory very well but I would recommend that you read from the start to get the whole effect of these wonderful characters that you will fall in love with.  The girls know how to mix the humour, lust, heroes, villains, sexual innuendo with the sweet and loving romance we all crave to read.  This is the second book by Haley Jenner I have read this week; my book boyfriends are in overdrive I might just need to read a sweet Christian book to balance myself out for the week ha-ha.  .  I highly recommend this book that I received as an ARC that I have decided to write my honest and voluntary review of.

Luca is a stoic and brooding character that has you interested from the start and his relationship with the other boys of Leaves of a Maple is electric at times.  I am sure I will learn more as I go back to the other books.  Frankie is a caring, wild and free characters that soon fits well with the other characters of this series.  They are both anti-relationship with a history that will affect their future when it comes to the opposite sex.

I am not going to give you a plot summary about Luca St. Kelly and Francesca Walker, but I will leave you with some of my favourite lines of this book”


She a F… Diamond.

Rare. Bright. Beautifully boundless


“Did you try and rename my dog after your Harry Potter house?”

“He’s our dog. We voted. You lost.”

“Second, I didn’t try to rename him.  We rebranded. Another vote. You list that one too”.


"I now know, with complete certainty that unicorns do exist." 


They’re the most terrifyingly attractive pair of eyes I’ve ever seen.



Fairy tales.

Don’t exist




Expected publication: October 13th 2018

Original Title - Luca (Leaves of a Maple #5)

Edition Language - English

Series - Leaves of a Maple #5

Print Length: 265 pages













Luca St. Kelly was a perfectly timed distraction.
A temptation that quickly morphed into addiction.
He’s closed off, and volatile. A self-proclaimed jerk... yet, I can’t seem to get enough.
Hey... heartbreak... ‘sup old friend.....

Francesca Walker is certifiable.
That’s one thing I’m sure of. That, and certain parts of my body really seem to like her.
Yeah... I know that too.
She strutted into my life, a complication I didn’t need but definitely wanted.
I convinced myself I could handle her, problem is that measly organ beating in my chest, yeah, I didn’t quite factor him into the equation.
Hey... heartbreak... f*ck you!!


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