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The Football Whisperer

October 25, 2018

This is the first book I have read by this great Australian author and I must say I was totally enthralled to the very end.  It was a story about healing the heart, body and soul in a very relatable and I am sure most readers would find these characters to be enjoyable.  I loved both the main characters and loved how Zara would call Ward by his Christian name of Brendan as he always thought he was in trouble.  I love to read a book that is set in Australia with Aussie mannerisms used add a great chance to what I have been reading of late.  I received an ARC copy of this book to which I am writing my honest and voluntary review.  If you have not read anything by Mel A Rowe I would suggest you give this book a try.


Brendan Ward whole life is Football (AFL) until one game finds him knocked unconscious and in a large amount of pain.  With the road ahead looking like it will lead to surgery Wards family offers a different kind of remedy to help.  Ward is desperate to get back on the field and to the game he loves, so will he give in to his family and let a Horse Whisperer near his body?


Zara Phelps is a Reiki Master how works on racehorses at the racetrack and has a reputation of being called the Horse Whisperer.  Zara loves working with thoroughbred horses and refuses to work on people, all until her father talks her into helping out a famous football player from his favourite team.


Zara agrees to help Ward but will this move make her reevaluate her decision not to work on people or will she be forced to look at her professional ethics?

Ward has an instant reaction when he meets Zara unlike anything he has experienced before, can he win his place back on the team and into the heart of the Horse whisperer?

Zara, in turn, tries to fight her attraction to Ward, who not only tests her but also awakens her deepest fear of falling in love again.

This is a wonderful contemporary Australian romance which is Sweet, touching, entertaining but most of all heartfelt.


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