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Snowed in for Christmas


This wonderful book contains three all-new Christmas stories that will melt your heart and give you that Christmas feeling in October.  All three author where new to me before I read this book, below you will read my review of each story.  I received an ARC copy by NetGalley to which I have honestly and voluntarily decided to review.


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Stranded in the snow  by Noelle Adams

This is an enemy to lover read that I just could not put down.  She wanted to hate him, he is a player and he holds a grudge towards her family.  She has known him all her life but he is not the boys she once knew.  This was a fast-paced read that at honours and emotional moments, I will be looking out for the author in the future.  This story is not a sweet as it does have a few bedroom moments.

Olivia Holiday was the one woman that Scott Matheson should not be stranded in a cabin in a snowstorm with.  Will he be able to hide his true feelings towards her? 

What will happen once the snow melts away will what happen between them melt with it?


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A Christmas Rescue  by Samantha Chase

This is a sweet office romance that I enjoyed very much.  We had a Dr Grinch and a sweet and lovely local girl come to blows over the Christmas spirit.

Bailey Walsh work at a veterinarian office as the office girl, this is a job she loves until she has a run in the Dr Grinch over Christmas decorations. When fate and a litter of puppies cause her to be snowed in with her boss for the weekend, she must take a better look at what she has been ignoring.

Dr Gavin Maguire has a been in Silver Bell Falls for just over a year since he brought the veterinarian clinic to start a new life for himself.  He does not do Christmas but this town is all about the spirit of the years.  How will he keep his professionalism with his employee when they are snowed in for the weekend.  An employee he has tried to not think about in any other way than business.

Will he learn to grow past the past that is still affecting his present?


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Love on the Edge of Reason by Zoe York

This is a friend with benefit to second chance romance full of will they or won't they make it work.    I loved these two characters and felt that had a very realistic story to tell.  This is a hot romance with sweet moments that will melt your heart.

Tom Monelli was not always happy with the decision Chloe made about their friends with benefit/ on again off again relationship.  He always wants more but he wants her more so he never pushed for more.  He has made some mistakes and he fears he has lost Chloe after she tells him she is pregnant.  But now she is missing how will he fit everything?

Chloe Davis never wanted a baby or a relationship but it looks like she is getting one of the things she didn’t want.  A baby!  She could not stay in the small town and be a single mother so she decided to hide than run for a new start for herself and her child.











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