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Heart Spin

November 5, 2018

This is the first book by this author I have read.  I loved the story as well as the speed of the first half or more of this book, but I felt the ending was lacking substance and depth.  I wanted more at the end.  Brooklyn was a great character that I very quickly found a fondness with but at times did wonder about the decisions she made along the way.  Brooklyn is at college but her real passion is for music and her vinyl.  This book is full of twists & turns, heartbreaks, secrets, betray, anger, jealousy, lust and of cause love with an HEA.  I received an ARC copy of this book that I am reviewing honestly and voluntary.  I loved how every chapter started with the name of a song and the artist that was related to the story in some way.


Music is Freedom.

Music is Escape.

Music is Passion.

Music is Control.

Music is Heart.


Brooklyn and her roommate/friend Skylar run into two boys a few times and Brooklyn was attracted to them both but she has a connection with James that she cannot explain and she finds out they have many things in common.  So she starts a slow friendship with him and Skylar runs head-on into dating Alex James friend.


Family secrets will be revealed and Brooklyn must face the truth and move on with her life the best she can, but in doing so she makes some mistakes that will affect more than just herself.



​a fun vinyl loving girl enjoying the 
simple things in life. Studying to be 
an experienced Photographer in the beautiful 
city, Chicago. Her room mate Skylar becoming 
her only best friend at college. Until their 
friendship is tested when they meet 
two exceptionally attractive guys.

One she has to stay away from when secrets are 
revealed. Secrets her family had hidden away.
Secrets only she could stumble across.

Left broken-hearted and bruised, 
only one person is there to help her heal, 
when she least expected it.



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