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Lost Without You

November 14, 2018

I must say that this is the first time I have read a book by this Author even though I have met and had a book signed by her over a year ago.  I was very delighted to get the chance to read and review this new book of her’s that I was given an ARC from NetGalley.   This story was an intertwined story about four women and a Wedding Dress, they will all learn the world is a small place.  The book does hit some difficult issues like adoption, organ transplant, illnesses, infidelity, lies within a marriage, death and depression.   A story of secrets, relationships, friendships and love all bundled together to give us hours of enjoyment.


Rebecca, Hugh, Paige, Soloman, Clara, Josie, Nick, Rob and Brenda will all find out just how secrets can affect your lives now, in the past and what the future might bring because of them.  The search for one wedding dress will change so many lives some will be good and some will have new issues to overcome.


I did find the start a bit difficult to get my head around with four different characters point of view but soon found these characters interesting and the story flowed much better for me.  I love reading a book set in Australia and this one did not disappoint at all with great reference to our way of living I could almost feel I was at a few of there places along the way.  I must now go and read the book that Rachael Johns signed for me so I can review that book as well.


If you are looking for a great Australian author please check out Rachael Johns many books as I highly recommend this book and her writing style.



Four women, one dress, and the secret that binds them all...

On a special night that is supposed to be a celebration of new beginnings, Paige MacRitchie's joy quickly falls away when her mother collapses during the speeches at her book launch. In the aftermath, and terrified of losing her, Paige decides she wants to make the ultimate tribute to her parents' perfect marriage: she will wear her mother's wedding dress for her own big day.

There's just one problem – her mum, Rebecca, no longer has the dress.

As Paige tries to track down the elusive gown, she discovers that Rebecca has a long-hidden secret that, if revealed, could blow her whole family apart. Her new friend Josie is at a crossroads too. She met her husband Nick when she was singing in the eighties-themed bar, but now she's lonely, yearning for a family and wondering if Nick understands her at all. 

And then there's nurse Clara. When she married Rob Jones, an up–and–coming rock star, she thought she was in it forever. But now Clara needs to make a new life for herself and Rob can't seem to understand that it's over. 

When the fates of these four women intertwine in an unexpected and powerful way, none of their lives will ever be the same again.

A fresh and poignant novel of family, journeys, past decisions … and dresses … from the ABIA award-winning, bestselling author Rachael Johns.


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