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Pieces of Me

November 16, 2018


This is the first book by this author I have read and wow I was very much hooked to the very end.  A sexy single day story is always entertaining but the daughter in this book won my heart the most.  I would happily read another book by Laura Farr as I enjoyed her writing style and to story she told.  This story will break your heart- melt your heart but most of all mend your heart with the love of three wonderful characters.  I received an ARC copy of this book to which I have voluntary and honestly written my review.  It will give you a bit of an emotional ride but the love that is in every page will have your turning with speed to the end.


Life had not gone to plan for Cooper James Matthews the ex-marine when one all to his commenting officer's office changed his life completely.  He was now a single dad to a daughter he had yet to meed due to being on tour at the time of her birth.  How could he go on without this beautiful and loving wife Emerson?


Four years had passed to which Cooper had gotten up each day for the love of his daughter Bella and the drive to make her life happily and complete.  But he still missed his wife and cannot move on from loving her.  A day at the beach just might change his little world when they meet a lovely stranger at the beach.


Lexi Beaumont has moved back to her hometown escaping a bad breakup with her ex-boyfriend.  She is staying with her childhood best friend until she can get back on her feet and find a new job.  When her friends sets up an interview with her brother for a Nanny/housekeeper job Lexi may just find more than a job.


Cooper is surprised when he already know the friend of his sister from the beach and hire her as his daughter is complexly happy spending time with Lexi.  The problem is he soon learns he also enjoys spending time with her as well.


He loves his wife and has never imagined a life with anyone else.


Can two damaged hearts come together or will the past affect their future completely?



For Cooper, being a single dad was never part of the plan…

After the devastating loss of his wife, Cooper Matthews has to carry on for the one person who is counting on him to come out the other side—his young daughter. She’s all he needs, or so he thinks, until a chance encounter brings Lexi Beaumont into his life.

Escaping a toxic relationship, Lexi returns to the town where she grew up, eager to start over. Meeting Cooper exposes an undeniable chemistry between the two of them. But his conflicted feelings and the love he still carries for his wife, forces him to push Lexi away, keeping her at arm’s length.

Can two fractured hearts come together as one? Or will the past be too much for either of them to overcome?


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