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One Hundred Christmas Kisses (An Aspen Cove Romance Book 6)

November 19, 2018

Oh it’s so good to be back in Aspen Cove again, I just love this small town and all the characters that live there.  This one is a short Christmas story about Dr Parker’s daughter Charlie and Trig Whatley an army buddy of Bowie’s.  This is an inspirational story of Love, Humor, Soul searching, Family, friendship but most of all it’s about romance.  This book can be read as a standalone or as part of the series it’s all up to you but I would highly recommend starting at book one and work your way through all these wonderful books.  I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review.


Veterinarian Charlotte (Charlie) Parker has had a bad start to the holiday season in which she has decided to return home to Aspen Cove for the first time in 10 years.  She knows better to drink at a work Christmas party, as Evan Barkman was an asshole and an awful kisser but he was her boss.  So why did Charlie kiss him under the mistletoe, alcohol was her only answer?  Her life needs a change and after to incident with Evan and his constant unwanted attention she soon decides going home would be the best thing to do.  She needs to mean some fences with her father over her mother’s death.  Maybe then she will know what to do next as she cannot put her heart at risk again as she could never survive a nether heartbreak like losing her mother and her father at the same time


Trig Whatley lost his leg in Afghanistan; he has slowly started to put his life back together again and is on the search for a place to call home.  He just wished woman soar him as something more than a disabled person, as he never feels like a man in their eyes since the accident.  Clovis is Trig’s emotional support basset hound but I think Trig gives Clovis more support than he gets.  They both head off in his Mustang to drive to Aspen Cove to spend the holiday season with his good buddy Bowie and his family.  They almost make the trip until the icy road cause a problem with his Mustang so they wave down the next car to drive by. 


Life will bring these two together in this warm story of acceptance and love.


Some of my favourite quotes about this great book;

“He could overcome the physical pain of losing his left leg below the knee, but the emotional pain was brutal.”


“I’ll get up to the baby”

“If I weren’t so tired, I’d consider that foreplay.”


“I lost some weight,” he’d replied. “Really? You look just as fit and sexy as always.” “No, really, I took off a hundred and ten pounds of careless bitch.”


“People are quick to judge and slow to forgive.”


“She smelled like cinnamon and sugar-like toaster pastries or maple syrup. She smelled like happiness.”


"He lifted her chin and brushed his lips across hers. She tasted like honey and happiness. For the first time in a long time Trig felt the warmth of hope ease into his heart."



One Hundred Christmas Kisses is a holiday story you won't want to miss. 

Kelly Collins invites you to celebrate a small town Christmas in Aspen Cove, where North Star wishes and love’s first kisses have the power to heal. 

It’s been a decade since veterinarian Charlotte Parker has been home to Aspen Cove. After the death of her mother, she hasn’t been able to bring herself to face her painful past. But if ever there’s a time to start over, it’s Christmas. What she doesn’t expect is to find the man of her dreams staying in the room next to hers at B’s Bed and Breakfast. 

War hero Trig Whatley is looking for a place to call home. Since losing his leg in Afghanistan, he hasn’t found a place to fit in or a woman who can see him for the strong, whole man he is. When he accepts his friend’s invitation to come for a visit, he discovers so much more is waiting for him in the tiny mountain town than just a good time. 

Will Charlotte and Trig find their forever under the mistletoe or will they go their separate ways by the time everyone in town is singing Auld Lang Syne? Find out in One Hundred Christmas Kisses. 



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