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Dare to Love (Texas Boys Book 2)

November 26, 2018


Book 2 of the Texas Boys is a real emotional read as we find two damaged souls trying their best to move on with their lives the best they can.  You will feel the pain in each of these characters as they stumble to reconnect with each other after a five-year gap. This was one of those books that once you started you just had to hold on for the ride and life just had to sit back and watch you.  I recommend this series and this book if you truly love to read great chemistry between your characters.


Bryson is an adrenaline junkie that lived on the high he got from Bull riding, it is the best 8 seconds of his life.  It was his passion but it was also his distraction as it took away the painful memories that haunted him every day.  It keeps Krystal and the girl who F##k him over out of his head even for 8 seconds and his heart a pumping faster from the high he gets.


Casey Hart walks back into my life and my world spins again.  Seeing her brings the good, the bad and the ugly but its memories that I will just not go to again.


The universe is bringing us together in the same places to many time and there are still answers I need from her.

Can the pain of the past be healed or will the sorrow and regret pull them apart for good?


When Krystal died, I survived. I was still living and breathing.


Until I lay my eyes on her.


Casey Hart.


The only woman in this world who has the power to make me or break me.


Five years after she walked out of my life, she walks back in and turns my world upside down again.

In the end, my only question is; do I dare to love Casey Hart again?


Author Note: It is recommended that Dare to Dream is read first

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