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A Lot Like Christmas (Wishful Romance, #11)

December 5, 2018


This was a very delightful Christmas book that will have you wanting to put your tree up and decorate for the holidays.  This book is part of the Wishful series so we get to catch up with a few characters plus some new ones.  If you have read some of the Wishful books you would be familiar with the Casserole Patrol who we get to learn a bit more about during this book.  I loved the book but would have loved it more if it was longer so the characters had the time to give us more of themselves.  If you had not entered the land of WISHFUL  I highly recommend you start with this one and then go back to the start to learn more about this wonderful small town and the great characters that Kait Nolan has given us to read.  Wishful is my happy place in the book world where I would love to live in.  I received an ARC copy and this is my voluntary and honest review.


Army Delta Force medic Ryan Malone was given a mission of a different kind from his mother to go check up on his great-uncle Percy in Wishful just before the Christmas holidays.  This mission just might change his life completely or will he learn that it was not only Percy that needed an intervention to change his outlook on life?  He was to complete his mission than return to Afghanistan to rejoin his unit we were not to complicate his life by a woman in the short time he was back on home soil.


Hannah Wheeler has been in Wishful for the past year after a life-changing accident in Atlanta forced her to take a change in her life.  Hannah is an interior designer who has been working in the dinner, she loves her new life in Wishful and wants to start her own business in town.  She decides to spread some holiday cheer by volunteering to help the citizen of Wishful to decorate for the holidays.  Her first customer wants to spree the spirit so Percy, but will Hannah find for in the attic than boxes of old Christmas decoration?


Jaded Army Ryan Malone never expected his next mission would bring him back from Afghanistan to tiny Wishful, Mississippi. His great uncle's health is failing and the cantankerous old coot has pushed everyone in the family away. Ryan is their last resort to get Uncle Percy to move into assisted living before he breaks a hip—or something worse. He's looking to get in, get it done, and get back out. That definitely doesn't include taking time out for a sweet-faced waitress with a heart bigger than the Atlantic.

Interior designer Hannah Wheeler is a long way from the high-powered clients of her old Atlanta firm. Despite the fact that she's currently spending her days waiting tables, she's discovered she really enjoys the small-town life she found with her sister. This Christmas season, she's finally ready to introduce Wishful to her true capabilities by using her skills to spread some holiday spirit. But with Ryan and Percy, she's definitely got her work cut out for her.

Will Hannah's evergreen cheer thaw their frosty hearts and remind these two that the most important part of the holidays is family?




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