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Trailblazer (Cowboys & Harvey Girls #1)

December 27, 2018


This is a very new author to me and I must say I will definitely be checking out her others books after reading this lovely historical romance.  I found the writing style to be great with the story flowing well to keep me interested and glued to each chapter.  The characters had enough interesting personality that worked well with each other, and as this is book one of a new series it has me wanting to read more about some of these characters and possibly meet some new ones.  I had the opportunity to read an ARC copy of this book thanks to NetGalley and this is my honest personal view of this book.


Pioneering Grace Rogers sets off on an adventure to help her family and the family farm by taking a job with the Fred Harvey Company.  The company has many restaurants around the country with the growing railroad.  After her one-month training Grace finds herself on the way to Juniper, New Mexico to start her job.


Nick Hopkins is travelling home on the train when he meets a very interesting young woman that catches his eye.  But meeting someone knows is not in Nick’s plan to buy some land, build a house, find a wife and have a family.  He soon finds out she is moving to the same town near the ranch where he works and he finds himself unable to stay away from her.


As a Harvey Girl Grace is unable to marry and keep her job, a job that is so important to help her family out.  But the growing feelings for Nick has them both wanting to keep a secret from the world.


We do what we must to help the ones we love even if that puts us in danger or in a place we would not like to be in.


Available Jan 1st


MEET THE HARVEY GIRLS: These real-life pioneering women were symbols of elegance in the wild frontier: taming rough manners, falling in love, and changing the face of the West forever.

Grace Rogers is ready for the adventure of a lifetime. With her family's farm falling on hard times, she accepts a position with the prestigious Fred Harvey Company and heads for Juniper, New Mexico. There she meets a handsome cowboy who quickly turns her head. Too bad the Harvey Girls are forbidden to marry...

Nick Hopkins has a plan: buy a little land, marry, and raise a family―in that order. But after meeting Grace, he can't keep away. Their only choice is to marry in secret...but Nick isn't the only man entranced by Grace's charms, and this unexpected rival doesn't plan on taking no for an answer. He will have her, no matter the cost: to Grace, to Juniper, or to the happily ever after Grace and Nick fought so hard to make their own.

Cowboys and Harvey Girls

Starting in 2019, I will be introducing a new Western series centered around the Harvey Girls – young women from the East and Midwest who answered an ad for waitressing on the frontier, and left home and family to follow their hearts.

In the late 1800’s a young freight agent working for the railroad spotted an opportunity to change the service side of travel. As more travelers headed West, Fred Harvey saw the need for making the experience more enjoyable and less tedious. He established a chain of “eating houses” along the Santa Fe Trail route, serving good food at reasonable prices in comfortable surroundings. Perhaps his most innovative idea was to hire and train a core of young, single, intelligent women who were also of “good character,” and, sought the adventure that came with traveling to frontier towns where they would live in company housing and staff Harvey’s popular lunch counters and dining rooms.

The Harvey Girls not only contributed to the success of Fred Harvey (and later his son and grandson), but they are generally credited with bringing a new civility to the West. In these early days, aside from mothers, sisters and saloon hall girls of questionable reputation, the Harvey Girls were young, attractive and lived under the strict rule of the Harvey Company’s rules for conduct. Many a cowboy or railway worker frequented the local Harvey house as much for a chance to see a pretty smile as to eat a good meal.


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