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Betting On Us (A Wilde Love Novel Book 3)

January 27, 2019


This is book three of this great series and with each book it keeps getting more and more intriguing.  This book is about the third and youngest Wilde brother who is the one that is so desperate to stay out of the mob Mafia world in which his late father was the king of. It is sad to see this series come to an end but as there is only three brother I am guessing it was inevitable to read the last one.  This one was just as action packed as the last two and with a forbidden childhood love we find the conclusion of all the Wilde brother come together in this wonderful and entertaining read.


The relationship between Kirsten O’Leary and Raphael Wilde has grown since they were children, but they were never allowed to take this friendship any further since they were from two different Mafia families.  This didn’t stop Rafe and Ian, Kirsten older brother from being great friends when they went to college together.


Kirsten is a veterinarian and loves her job but hates the family business and would love to remove herself from Vagas and the mob.  She is the second daughter of the Irish mob leader to which they had just discovered a half-sister who was born into the Russian mob family. But she loves her job and the clinic in which she works in and the friends she has made there.  With a new sister to get to know she does not want to live all this behind.


Rafe is a qualified lawyer and wants to keep out of the family business he has recently returned home and joined a firm called McAlister and Associates.  He is sick of defending the scum of the earth clients the firm makes him take on board and he was just wishing for one innocent client but the person was not supposed to be Kirsten.


“The kid I befriended before I truly understood why we couldn’t be friends.  The girl I fell in Love with. The woman I cannot have.”

The lines of the Mafia family have been blurred recently and when Kirsten is framed for a crime she did not do her family had no other chose but to ask Rafe to defend her.


Can he save the woman he loves from going to jail for a crime she did not commit or will he fail her?


Will the lines of the  Irish, the Italian and the Russian mobs finally work together for the better good?


“Ugh, don’t remind me that I’m nearly thirty! That was such a low blow. Age to women is like Kryptonite to Superman.”


“He’s a good man, and he knows I’ll kill him if he ever makes you cry.” I kissed my father on the cheek as we all lined up and waited for the music to play. “You won’t have to kill him, Da. I can neuter him while he sleeps.”


Can these two work around their families and the law to find something together or will the mob finally rip them apart of good.  I received an ARC copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review after reading it.


She’s the daughter of an Irish mob boss. He’s the archenemy’s youngest son. Will they choose love or loyalty? 


When Kirsten O’Leary became a veterinarian, the last thing she thought she’d end up doing is patching up gangsters in her backroom. In spite of her best efforts, she can’t seem to leave her father’s world behind. When she’s framed in an elaborate drug deal, she turns to the last person she should for help.


Rafe Wilde, Nevada’s sexiest new lawyer thought he could leave the past in the past, but when the girl he could never forget needs him, he gets sucked back into a world of danger and lies. Possibly most risky of all is the undeniable longing he has for Kirsten. 


Will these two find a way out together or will their family loyalty crush their dreams of happily ever after?



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