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Bannon's Brides

I very much enjoy this Historical romance by an author I have not read before.  It’s set in 1847 and is about 40 mail-order traveling from Philadelphia to Oregon.  The courage that these women had to take a chance to improve their lives with so much danger and unknown ahead of them was just amazing for someone in that day and age to understand.  This is why I love to read historical romance and mail-order bride books.  I was so taken in with the story and characters I read this in one day a day off from work that I had many other plans for that day.  But I just could not put it down the story and the flow of the book just had me hooked.  I may be my first read by Loretta C Rogers but I am likely to take a look at her other books in the future.  I received a copy from Net Galley and this is my honest and voluntary review of this great book.


Fiona Quinn was running out of options with the passing of her father and brother all within a month of each other.  So off to Oregon she goes as an alternative mail-order bride on a wagon train.  There was much danger ahead from Indians, weather, buffalo hunters. Wildlife but the biggest danger Fiona may find is Cordell Bannon the wagon train leader.  She is a woman of her word and honor, she signed a contract to marry any of the grooms should any brides not make the dangerous journey to Oregon.


Cordell Bannon has been contracted to get all the mail-order brides safely to their grooms in Glory.  All starts out well but when a fiery Irish redhead grabs his attention, he will have more work cut out for him than just the journey and the safety of the entire wagon train of women.  How will he sit back and watch her marry another?



Jail or prostitution?

Fiona Quinn chooses neither. On a wagon train bound for Oregon, the newly-contracted mail-order bride braves rattlesnakes, Indians, and depraved buffalo hunters who kidnap her. But nothing tests her mettle like Cordell Bannon, the wagon master poised to steal her heart. Cordell Bannon signed a contract to safely deliver thirty mail-order brides to their husbands. Yet one bride stirs his emotions, threatening his oath of celibacy and making him choose between his job and his passion. Can he stand by as she marries another, or will he claim her as his bride?


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