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JAKE (Leaves of a Maple Book 2)

February 3, 2019


If you follow my blog you would know I just love the Leaves of a Maple series and Haley Jenner.  I really liked this book “Jake” the second in the series but would have to say it's not my favourite of what I have read so far. In saying that I have not read this series in order I started with book one thank read book 4, know book two.  Jake I just loved and would happily give him a five-star review but I had difficulty connecting with Aubrey her reason for cheating and not leaving her boyfriend was not made clear until the end of the book and for me I did not understand or relate to her reason.  How do you love someone but stay with another?? As usual the girls heat up the pages and pull you to pieces emotionally with their wonderful paragraph.  I am so looking forward to Bennett and have you checked out the new covers for this series? Hot and sexy men on the covers.

This is the old cover


If you have read Archer you will already have met and gotten to know Jake who is Archer's younger brother and best friends to Archers girlfriend Belle.  So we already know about his history and childhood and his soft caring soul.  So for me seeing him struggle with love, family and friendship were heartbreaking and the tears rolling down my face a few time during the book.


The push and pull of Aubrey and Jake’s shattering relationship will leave you soul-crushing at times and at others just so totally frustrating.  All my frustration was on Aubrey and her inability to give herself completely to the man that loved and adored her.  The story is more than just about the two of them with all of our favourite character back we get to learn more about each of them as the stories of the Leaves of a Maple continues.


 "I'm being strangled by my own bad decisions." 

“I can’t hear myself think and that’s why I chose it.  Loud music, screaming voices, endless booze and most importantly, anonymity”


“So for the first time in for as long as I can remember, I share, I let Jake in on the fractures on my life.”


“Without conscious thought he's  made me feel wanted, special, worthy.”


“I feel as though I must have been doing it wrong my entire life. Not one person has ever made me feel like that.”


“Last night was it, Aubrey,” I rasped through my tears. “I can’t take any more pain.”

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