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Any Way You Build It: An Upper Crust Novel, Book 6 (Upper Crust Series)

February 6, 2019

I have jumped from book one of the series to book 6 and even though I loved every work I had wished I had read the other four books first.  As I so wanted to know the stories behind some of the other wonderful couples and amazing characters in this book.  So my advice is to read this series from the start and follow the volumes to get a betting feel of the characters in the town.  This is a fun, heart-warming cute romance that will make you fall in love with more than just the main coupled but also the children.


A single mum battling to keep things together for her children moves into town to take ownership of a bequest house.  Sarah has very fond memories of her aunt’s house and her aunt herself so she had no real thought as to why not to move her kids to a new town.  She just may find for than a new house!


Todd was wondering when Esme’s niece would show her face in the street, but he was not expecting to see what he saw when she pulled in in the driveway.  Todd had two very important rules that he followed in his adult life, one never dates a local girl and two never get involved with a woman with kids.


What will happen when Sarah needs help and Todd is the local MR nice guy who always helps others out?


Can you forget your rules or should you stick by them always?


Can Sarah make a new start for the sake of the children?



Sometimes you find love where you least expect it – like in a treehouse.
When single-mother Sarah pulls up in front of the house her aunt left to her she has three goals: help her kids be happy and healthy, find a job and stay away from men. What she didn’t count on was a sexy neighbour who makes keeping her focus and her balance way too hard.

Todd has two rules: never date locals and even more importantly never date women with kids. He’s perfectly happy living his life with his Peter--pan syndrome undisturbed – until Sarah and her two adorable children move in across the street and turn everything upside down.

Opportunity, proximity and attraction mean two neighbours determined to remain single have quite a struggle on their hands.

If you like tree houses, indoor camping and shameless flirting you’ll love Any Way You Build It.


 Any Way You Build It is Book 6 in the Upper Crust Series and although characters from previous books appear in the novel Any Way You Build It can be read as a stand alone novel.

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