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TOBY (Leaves of a Maple Book 6)

February 13, 2019


Today Yesterday and forever I will love Haley and Jenna's amazing storytelling abilities that draw us right into the depths of her wonderful characters.  I just loved the chapter headings throughout the book it had me chuckling at times.  If you have read any of the Leaves of Maple books you, like myself may already have a sweet spot for Toby and this book will only heighten those feeling in this epic love story.  This book is captivating and full of pain, consuming love, friendship, raw emotions, perfection, joy, unconditional love, pure innocence and the ultimate ability to make your own family with the ones you love and care for you.  If you have not read this series or this author I eagre you to do so as I am sure you will be like me and many others that can’t get enough of their great stories with sexy and inspirational characters that struggle but succeed in their lives and in love.

Toby Matthews is a boy with missing dream and love, who has tried his best to give himself a better start in life than the physical, mental and emotional abuse he received from his parents. He is unaware of the love and friendship he gives out to his friends as he only sees himself as unworthy of love himself, but he knows in his future he will have the love that he so desperately needs and wants.  The wait may just be over when one day of school he walks into his art classroom to work on his painting and meets his teacher's daughter Willow.


"I always imagined the moment I fell in love to be the result of a slow burn. A journey of my heart finding peace with another. Definitely as a man, not a boy. I was wrong. Boy, was I wrong. I fell in love at first sight, and it happened in every cheesy way you could imagine." 


“My heart vomited onto the ground in front of me: laid bare for her to stomp on as I stared, having forgotten the ability to speech. I fell in love at first sight.  I was sixteen. I was wrong. Definitely unprepared.  Worse than any of that though, I wasn’t anywhere close to the man I needed to be to claim the heart of the angel smiling at me expectantly.” 


“Willow is the light in my nightmare.”


Willow Thompson and her parents have recently moved to Carnation where her father has got a new job as the art teacher at the high school.  On her first day she runs into Archer Dean in the school office, at lunchtime she visits her father's classroom to have a pop tart with him and she sees the most amazing painting.


“A single tear falls along my cheek as I lose myself in the lines, the stroke of the paintbrush.”  Heart-wrenching”


When she meets the boy behind the painting she understanding the feelings she had with the painting itself.  A soul mate match, an all-consuming passion, love, instant attraction and connection to a person who has a very extraordinary caring heart.


"Toby Mathews has become a mystery I very much want to be mine.”

“if you asked me in decades to come when Toby Matthews stole my heart, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that it was this moment.  Across the deserted hall at school, the bell signalling our need to move to class.”


"Toby Matthews stitched his name into my heart, claiming ownership with the perfection in his smile.”


TOBY -“ I am going to marry you one day.  He drops his time to confess that, nerves cracking across the gravel of his changing voice.” 

WILLOW -“ Said without a ring, but the promise of your heart, and everything inside of it.  I’d be silly to refuse.”


Can love at 16 years-old make it to the end?


It was wonderful to read a romance where there was no breakup and heartache between the two main characters.  But this is not a boring or uneventful story as it’s full of life's dramas and emotional growth of the whole group in the Leaves of a Maple series.



Willow Thompson walked into my life like a fairy tale. Prettier than any masterpiece, and years before I was ready. She stole my heart the moment our eyes met, and I've never felt more complete. 

Toby Matthews thinks he loved me first. I'm sure you've heard the story, he'll tell any sap who will listen. Love at first sight. My sweet boy. But that's not my truth. His... sure, but our love story started before our eyes ever met. Come, let me tell you how it really went down....



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