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The Prodigal Laird

March 18, 2019

A slow read at first but when it picked up boy did it grab my attention or what.  It has been some time since I have read a Scottish romance and this one is set just a year after the Battle of Culloden was very much to my liking.  How don’t love a good Highland romance with a fiery quick-witted courageous female and a strong headed prodigal Laird.  This is the first read by this author so I very much went in blind and at first enjoyed her very descriptive language and details but the story was a bit slow to move along for my liking.  I did think about giving up at one point but I was already too invested in the characters and needed to know the outcome of their lives.


Roderick MacLeod was not happy when he returned home to Scotland after the passing of his father to learn his father had left him the role of Laird of Clan MacLeod but also a wife that he had never meet or even wanted.  He left Scotland as he blamed his father for the death of his mother and when to England to say with his grandparents of his English mother.  How could his father married him off with a proxy, marriage and the Lairds responsibility was not what he was wanting in his life.


“The future was neo mine to plan.  Nor years, ‘would seem.  Our fathers saw fit to negotiate that for us”

“Have you gone completely mad? If, and when, I feel the need to marry, I’ll pick the lass. Not be shackled to one of my father’s choosing. I’ll wager the poor woman had no say in the matter either.”


Annabel MacDonald was happy with the arrangement her father made for her for many reasons but to be the Lairds wife of the Clan MacLeod with no Laird in residence was just what she needs to continue with her secret.  She would help fugitive clansmen wanted over the Culloden battle by the redcoats to flee the country to safety and a second chance of life.  When she learns the Laird has returned to his native Scotland Annable knows she must make him return to England before her secret is revealed.


“We’re not married, lass.  Don’t deceive yourself into believing it so.  You deserve a man who will love and protect you”


They were both going to learn that their plans may not go as they wanted and the more time they spent together had a changing effect on those very first plans.  They were both determined to have things there a way which gave us great chemistry and entertainment in their arguments/ interactions.


"I would have your forgiveness, instead of your anger."
"As I would have your trust, instead of your silence."

“Returning to Scotland, to pay his respects to father for who he held not respect, had not unfolded quite as he’d planned.”


Annable started so her wrong ways as her feeling for Roderick grow but was it too late to keep everyone safe and happy?


Can they save themselves and their beloved Scottish Highlands?


We soon learn all the secrets both families are protecting as the story in the second half of the book moves along at a better pace with more dialogue and interesting storylines.


*I was given a free copy from NetGalley for an honest Review*


His marriage might cease decades of hostilities between two clans, but that doesn't mean he wants it-or his bold new wife who is keeping secrets of her own. 

Roderick MacLeod arrives in his native Scottish Highlands to pay brief respects to his recently deceased father-the man Roderick blames for the death of his English mother. But before he can return to England, he is saddled with two responsibilities he never asked for: the title of Laird of Clan MacLeod and an unwanted marriage, by proxy, to the daughter of a rival laird.

Annabel MacDonald thought she had the perfect marriage; her husband's continued absence allowed her independence and the freedom to secretly hide and abet the escape of her fugitive clansmen. When the husband she'd never met shows up, she must convince him to return to England before he uncovers her many secrets, and perhaps her heart.

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