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Shattered Home: A Novella (Coming Home)

March 19, 2019

I can't believe I have had this book sitting on my kindle and also the series sitting on my bookshelves waiting for me to read them this long before I realized how wonderful this start was. This is just a short pre-novella to this series that I just couldn’t put down and when it finished I did something that is very rare for me to do I read the Blurb for the next book. If you have been following my reviews you would have already learnt that I really read blurbs before reading books, I love to head straight into the story without an idea of the plot. But after finishing this book I just wanted and need more, with so many questions rolling around in my head. This novella was written after ‘Remembering Home’: A Novella (Coming Home Book 1) which I will dive straight into after writing this review. The covers of these books are what first drew me into these books as they are just lovely, a book must grab me at first sight and make me want to see the story within the picture.


Aiden Thomas found his Angel in the preschool playground and a friend for life was made when love, at first sight, happens as age five. Her name was Angel, a name he believed was the best way to describe her. With Angel and her father, his life outside his home was so much better, he could deal with is fathers abuse so much better having their support. Was she in his life to save him?


He was happy to be anywhere, but home..


The asshole gene had to stop with his father. Aiden was going to do everything to become man enough to repay her loyalty and love.”


Angel Murphy and her father were a team, together since the loss of her mother many years ago, but after eleven years of friendship with Aiden, he had started to become part of her family team. She could not see life without him, but knew his family life with his parents was hard for him. When things got bad she makes the ultimate decision to stick with the boy she had come to love and knew she could not live without.


This novella ends on a cliffhanger but as I said before this work was written after the book one is the series, to my guess to give us more of the character's backstory. Book one is only 99 cents so if you enjoy this book as I did, you can grab the next part of Aiden and Angel's story to get all the answers you were left with.


I have met this wonderful author at a few signing events I have attended over the last few years but still the books have sat on my shelf as I have been reading a lot of ARC’s Advance Reader Copies of great books given to me by authors or the publishers.  But this week I decided to read some of the books I had sitting on my Kindle and bookshelf that I had wanted to read for sometime and these were by some great Australian author.  We have a lot of talent here in this great country that I want to showcase these author more than I have done in the past.

  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • File Size: 961 KB

  • Print Length: 76 pages

  • Language: English

  • Published 9th November 2017


Read the beginning of Angel and Aiden’s story.

She streaked by, a glow surrounding her and her black hair flowing behind. I had to rub my eyes.
My heart just about beat right out of my chest because I knew I’d found an Angel.
I hoped she’d been sent to save me.

Aiden Thomas couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted a real, live angel in the school yard. There was no way he could’ve comprehended how important she’d become in his miserable existence.
Until their world is cruelly torn apart.

*Intended for mature audiences due to adult scenes and language.

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