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Tess (Outback Brides of Wirralong #2)

WOW I LOVED THIS BOOK.  I need to read the other books of this series if they are a good as this one, what I ride it will be in Wirralong.   The first book in the series is  Lacey (Outback Brides of Wirralong Book 1) by Fiona McArthur.  This is my first time reading Victoria Purman even with a few books on my kindle of her and I am so grateful for NetGalley and the publisher for giving me this book to read and review and for giving me the chance to start reading this author's lovely words and stories.  This is my honest and voluntary review and all my own opinions.  Why would girls who have promised to never to Say I Do love to spend her days off watching weddings?  I fell in love with the countryside the author had set this book in and could imagine the view she was described fully.  I loved all the Australian mannerisms and food the author included within this book.  LOL moments her plenty along the journey of this story.  The book was perfect for me the right amount of spice and though interesting to keep me reading to the very last word.


Tess Harrison is an up and coming American winemaker that has come to work on her family co-owned vineyard in Wirralong and to spend some time with her brother who has recently settle with his Australian wife here.  The town of Wirralong is a wedding destination for the area with a wedding every weekend at  Wirra Station   Tess has always been a tomboy so why does she love weddings so much, she loved the drama that comes with weddings as she knew she would never have a wedding of her own.  “The idea of a wedding without her mother there was unthinkable of Tess.”  Tess was looking for a miracle: love with no strings attached with a man that did not want to change her as her dreams and hard work was too important to her to give up for a man.


Connor Hawker needed a life change so he took a job with the Matthew Wines, a bit of a step down from the big wines company in South Australia, he had been working for the last few years but a step into the organic wine industry that was his new interest.  He knew who she was the moment he walked past her sitting on the front porch…Tess Harrison Junior Winemaker from Californian.  He needed to recover from his ex who left him to return to France as he realized he was no longer going to get the things he wanted a Wife, a Home and a Dog.  “Three strikes and you’re out, he thought.” 


“Just like some people swear off cigarettes or carbs or sugar, he had sworn off women.  And it was going pretty well so far.  One whole year and he hadn’t gone near one.”


Tess was only here for a short time to learn more about the organic growth of grapes than to take that knowledge back home.  Her plan was going very well until the new Irrigation manager turned up for work.  “Fine. Yeah, fine was the work.  Objectively, sexy as hell.”


“Do not look at her leg, Repeat: do not look at her legs.”

“The legs.  Stop thinking about her legs.”


I"sabella is on a mission to get me to fall in love with Australia.  Tim Tam I can do.  But Vegemite?  NOPE. Never in a million years.”


“Watching cricket is like meditation.  You’ll see,” Isabella called out.  “It calms the soul.”

“More like bores you senseless.”


What will these two do when the physical attraction is returned by the other and the wine is spills?


She is only staying for a few more weeks, she will return home they both tell themselves.


Will their hearts get broken along the way or will their dreams be the best move in the end?


“I’m going home to make sure my dreams come true and nothing is going to stop me, Connor.  Not even not-string-attached sex with a hot Australian guy.”


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I just reviewed Tess by Victoria Purman. #Tess #NetGalley


Can a town known for “I do,” change her “I don’t?”  Up and coming American winemaker Tess Harrison is temporarily working at an Australian vineyard where her family now has a financial stake. She’s excited to make her mark away from her dominant family and the outback’s premier organic winery seems like the perfect training ground. One problem: No one told her the small town Wirralong was a premier wedding destination, and every time tomboy Tess turns around she’s confronted with white dresses, trails of petals, gleaming gold rings and starry-eyed kissing couples promising forever. When a new hire upends Tess’ careful plans for her life and her career, she find herself reluctantly re-thinking her dislike for the M word. 

Tall, dark and rugged-looking Australian Connor Hawker has just been hired as the new Irrigation Manager at an organic vineyard. This new job was meant to be a fresh start, far away from South Australia and the small church where he was dumped at the altar by his French fiancée. He wants nothing more than to be laser-focused on his new job, except he finds himself distracted by the talented, cheerful, and ambitious blonde winemaker from California. Soon their no-strings fling becomes far more complicated, and Connor wonders if another woman–with life plans across an ocean will again leave him alone. 

Can Connor trust in love again and will Tess realize it’s not the wedding she needs, but the love of a man like Connor.


Book One  Lacey (Outback Brides of Wirralong Book 1) by Fiona McArthur


Book Three Outback Brides of Wirralong: Jenna by Barbara Hannay  RELEASE DATE:May 8, 2019

 Book Four Outback Brides of Wirralong: Emma by Kelly Hunter  RELEASE DATE:May 15, 2019





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