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The Little Guesthouse of New Beginnings

I knew the minute I looked at this gorgeous cover this was a book for me and the story did not disappoint at all.  From the lovely description of the destination in this book to the brooding male and the wanderlust young female in the mix of a wonderful community it was not hard to fall in love with this tale.  This is my first read of Donna Ashcroft and I am so glad her cover stood out to me on NetGalley, as I was hooked from the start to the very end.  This is my honest and voluntary review of this great book.  This is one of those reads that leave you all warm and fuzzy after your finish but also leaves you with so many other great characters you want to know more about as well.  Sunflower Island sounds like a great place to have a holiday.


Madison Skylar has returned to the only home she has ever had but what she finds has her wanting to leave straight away.  The Sunshine Hideaway Guesthouse has changed since her last visit and her Aunt and Uncle are away but Sunflower Island still has something going for it.  The Guest House is in need of repair and the quest numbers have been dwindling for some time she has just learnt can she help or would she just leave so she is not in everyone's way.  Her whole life in been trip around the world with her career-minded parent and is feeling of not being wanted by her parents and feeling she had no real place within it until her Aunt and Uncle took her on at the age of fifteen after parents death.  There is also Connor Robertson, her best friend Amy and Dee on the Island to make her feel wanted and needed.


Connor Robertson has been living in the past since his father's death a few years ago,  a father that cared more about it work that his family.  He was a workaholic like his dad as he felt he must prove his father wrong and that his life was meaningful and he could succeed with the family building business.  He was contacted to help repair and renovate the Sunshine Hideaway café and Guesthouse for the owner and this was a job he did not take lightly as Skylar’s had always been his friends.  He did not need Madison sticking her nose into the guesthouse repair plans, but her being home this time looked like it might just last a bit longer than her usual visits, he was unsure how he felt about that.


“Spending an evening in this gorgeous woman’s company was a one-way trip to disaster.”


Madison had always been affected by Conner since she was seventeen and to learn on her return that he still had this effect was infuriating as he had never given her the light of day.  But the more time they spend together all in the aid of helping the guesthouse the more they learnt about each other.


“If  Conner were a book it would be an ancient Greek tragedy – impenetrable, dark and incredibly hard working.”


But Conner was keeping a secret from Madison and if she found out would she leave the Island again.


Can they both find what is missing in there lives?


Will Madison be about to help her Aunt and Uncle improve the Guesthouse?   


Will she stay on the Island or seek a home somewhere else?



I just reviewed The Little Guesthouse of New Beginnings by Donna Ashcroft. #TheLittleGuesthouseOfNewBeginnings #NetGalley 

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File Size: 820 KB
Print Length: 284 pages
Publisher: Bookouture (March 26, 2019)
Publication Date: March 26, 2019
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English




The Sunshine Hideaway, with its big bay windows and a stunning view of Sunflower Island’s golden beaches, is the only place Madison Skylar has ever truly thought of as home. Could returning to the island be the second chance she needs?


When twenty-three-year-old Madison arrives at The Sunshine Hideaway, she discovers the beautiful little guesthouse is falling into disrepair. With the help of old friends Amy and Connor, Madison throws herself into creating a gorgeous wellness retreat, introducing yoga sessions, adventure walks and ice-cream sundaes with a delicious twist. But will it be enough to save her childhood home?


Handsome and mysterious Connor has lived on Sunflower Island his whole life. He works hard as a builder, with his faithful dog Jaws by his side, but something is missing and he dreams of bigger things. As Connor helps to revamp The Sunshine Hideaway, this could be his opportunity to tell the woman he’s secretly been in love with for years how he really feels…


As spontaneous and fun-loving Madison settles into life on the close-knit island, sparks fly between her and shy Connor as they clash on the reinvention of the guesthouse. Are the they too different to make things work or will Madison and Connor finally find true love this year?


An utterly perfect, feel-good romance about the power of friendship, the meaning of home and the joy of falling in love in the sunshine. Perfect for fans of Carole Matthews, Milly Johnson and Debbie Macomber.



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