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It Takes Two - A Maple Glen Romance

Welcome to Maple Glen a small fiction town we are shaw to fall in love with.  I did enjoy this book but did find at times it was a bit slow and it almost lost my interested but I soldered on to which I am very glad it did.  I loved Emmalee’s determination and truthfulness it was very much suited to Clayton’s stubbornness and kindness.  I received an arc copy of this book to which I have written my honest and voluntary review.  If you love sweet small-town romance this is the book for you.  I am so looking forward to meeting some new characters from Maple Glen in the upcoming books of this new series.


Clayton does not mix business with pleasure so when the very striking new girl in town catches his eye his is very happy to get to know her better.  But when she is offered a job by his parents who are soon to retiring soon and leaving the family business to Clayton he sees red.  Clayton is feeling a bit overwhelmed with the thought of taking over the business from his parent as it not the work that is worrying him but the number and business side of the shop, so off he goes back to school to learn what is a need for him to let his parent retire.


Emmalee has moved to town from the city as she is after a quieter life and a small town community to find her dream job in business marketing.  But that dream is not going as planned as she can only find a job as a dog walker!  So she takes the job to walk 5 dogs and instantly knows she has made a mistake.  After a day or two the dogs lead her to meet a very cute butcher and an offer of a coffee just may change her first few weeks in town.


Love does not work when you work together.  Is the belief of Clayton.


Hard work and determination is everything to succeed.  Emmalee believes.


Can these two work out their differences and find a romantic connection or will there be the only business between them or the possibility of nothing is Emmalee decided to return to the city?

When Clayton is offered his family business, his initial excitement is weighed down by overwhelming worry. 

Keeping it in the family has always been his top priority.

The only problem? He's a butcher, not a bookkeeper. Numbers were never his thing, but he's determined to make it work.

That only leaves him with one choice: he'll have to learn the books or give up what he's always wanted. And there's no way he'll let that happen.

Unless Emmalee can find a job, she will have to forfeit her lifelong dream of living successfully in a quiet, friendly small town.

The only problem? There's only one job available and it's not even remotely close to business management.

But being a dog walker has its perks - like meeting a handsome butcher at the meat locker, for instance.

What happens when two ideas for one business threaten to take away what matters the most? 






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