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April 7, 2019


How can I possibly say in words what this book made me feel!!!!!

The Everest Men are the ultimate Alpha male book boyfriend and how can I possibly go without them now that their stories are done. With each book, they got better but this one got me harder in the heart than the others. This suspenseful, swoon-worthy, romantic, drama full story will captivate you from start to finish and leave you still wanting more of the wonderful words of S L Scott.

I really enjoyed there witty banter and their nicknames for each other: Movie Star, Prickly Pear, Cactus Flower. I very much highly recommend this book and the whole series of Everest boys with Everest the first book. I received an arc copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review of this great book. This is one of my top reads for 2019.

Bennett Everest had one job to do to get the next big multi-million dollars contacted signed for the Everest Enterprises, Get in, Get the girl, Get out, Easy!! That was before he set his eyes on the gorgeous brunette in Paris. He soon learns that she is keeping something close to her chest as to why she is in Paris and not contacting her family. “I need to tell her, I can’t lie to her, I shouldn’t. There’s such an innocence about this moment we’re sharing that I don’t want to ruin it.” He soon finds himself intrigued by Winter, she is stubborn, feisty, sweet, smart and a little quirky but she is fighting something or someone and he wishes she would trust him to help. He is unable to leave Paris because of her, but circumstance may just work in his favour when he needs to leave to avoid danger.

Winter Nobleman as made some big mistakes of late that has put her in trouble in Paris where life looks like she has choices but in reality she has none. “Perhaps today will be the day I die. After all, I know the score. I’ll live until he chooses I won’t.” She had a feeling of freedom when she meets Bennett Everest and she finds him attractive, interesting and compelling to be around. But these feeling just keep filtering back in my head Anger, Hurt, Betrayal, Frustration but most of all Regret all because she let Kurt McCoy into her life.

She can’t fight the attraction they both have to each other as they spend more time together but in the back of her mind she thinks “If the devil finds out…would it be dangerous for Bennett?” “I am not in Paris to fall in love, like or lust.” Winter has very fond memoirs of her mother and this rhyme is one she remembers and uses the most. “Ring the bell and make a wish. You’ll receive what you need.” The devil has found out about Bennett and she must warn him before danger finds him.

There is no denying the chemistry between these two with our strong feisty heroine and our romantic billionaire alpha hero as they will steam up the pages to have us totally engrossed in every word this wonderful author gives us.

Can she be saved?

Can he protect her?

Can she find peace?

Can he find her devil?

Can they keep each other safe?

Can this be love?


Some of my favourite quotes :

“I still don’t know if I believe in love at first sight, but I know this is the closest I’ve ever been. I also know that I want to give her a million more of anything her heart desires. And right now, I hope it’s me.”

"You know, sometimes I think you're the most charismatic man I've ever met. And then sometimes you open your mouth, and I just want to plug it." "With what? Your tongue? I see how you look at me—"

”When I’m with you, I’m the person I want to be.”

”Gray can’t hold a candle to his sun. His six-foot-three frame has solid gold insides.”

”Your eyes tell the story of your past pain, but your lips kiss me like there’s no tomorrow.”


”Love is seeing someone and realizing they’re your soulmate. We weren’t just two people attracted to each other. We were two souls drawn together.”

“I was captivated by your beauty when I first laid eyes on you. Drawn to the free spirit who showed me her Paris.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet.”
You always were a force of nature.”
And you where a force to be reckoned with.” You reckoned all right, I reckon.”

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  • Print Length: 362 pages

  • Publisher: S. L. Scott (March 29, 2019)

  • Publication Date: March 29, 2019

  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

  • Language: English





Winter Nobleman is complicated. To say the least.

It was supposed to be simple. Go to Paris, find a client’s daughter, and close a multi-million-dollar deal. Easy. Then I meet her. Stormy blue eyes, quick wit, and the secrets she keeps on the tip of her tongue make me forget my mission for a moment, or six, and why I’m in Paris in the first place—to bring her home.

Distracted by her beauty, I fail to notice the others lurking with missions of their own.

Bennett Everest is the twist I never saw coming. Talk about perfect timing.

He steals my breath the first time I see him and breathes hope back into my heart. He’s a giant in my eyes, a king among men with patience and love to share in spades. Six foot three. Whiskey-colored eyes. Solid gold on the inside.

Despite the dirty deeds of my past, he sees the person I am meant to be and not the person I have become.

If the lies don’t kill us, will the truth set us free?







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