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Emma is so much more than a romantic comedy it's more a journey of self-destruction.  Don’t get me wrong it is very funny and you will have lol moments but the main focus is Emma’s drinking problems.  All the mishaps she finds herself in after the most embracing event on National TV.  I enjoyed this story as it had me glued to my kindle to see what would happen next it was a bit like watching a train wreck you knew what was coming but you still had to look further down the tracks to see it all.  This is my voluntary and honest review of this ARC copy I received.


Emma is really just a normal girl from Ashburton New Zealand that has followed a dream to make it in Hollywood.  But there is a secret she is hiding that has caused her to start drinking way too much even when the dream of being a movie star is coming true.  After the biggest embarrassment of her acting life, she is offered a new role, a role that she will soon find out replicates her life way too much. A Drunk.


Emma will find herself falling literally into the arms of a very handsome gentleman from next door, Brock Appleby.  Can he become her new distraction from the bottle?


Emma is very sweet, friendly and kinds that she soon finds herself in more trouble than she was looking for.  As her relationship with Brock develops she can still not open up to him or herself about her past as the one date circled in red on her calendar is soon approaching April 3rd.  That is the day that changed her life forever.


Can Emma come clean with the past and overcome her own issues before her addiction ends everything great in her life?


Can Brock stick around to find the answers he needs to help Emma?


Some of my favourite quotes:


“Cross my heart and hope to die, I’ll drink so more in the public eye.”


“How exactly do I think of you then?   Because the last time I checked, if it walks like a Lady, talks like a Lady, it’s probably a Lady.”


“Brock truly is the sweetest, kindest man I’ve ever met.  A true gentleman.  And by gentleman, I mean we haven’t made it past first base yet.”


“The sands of time are slipping through my fingers and I can’t get them to stop and go back, no matter how much I want them to.”




Fame, success, addiction...

A simple kiwi girl turned Hollywood superstar, that's what they call me.
After a few too many drinks at one of the biggest awards ceremonies on the planet, I make one of the most epic faux pas of the century; I try to run off with someone else's award. You'd think it would be enough to put me on the scrap heap, forever known as, "that has been actress from New Zealand". As luck would have it, a plucky drunk is just what the Ramirez brothers are looking for.

Turns out, they're not the only ones.
Literally falling into the strong, capable arms of my neighbor, Brock Appleby, I can't help but turn into a bumbling idiot whenever he's around.

Hardworking, kind, and a gentleman to boot, Brock is everything I need, and nothing I feel I deserve. Running from a past that won't let me forget, it's no wonder I turn to the only thing that dulls the senses; alcohol.

Can I overcome my past and forgive myself, or will I let my addiction take hold and drag me down?



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