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Mommy Loves the Military Man (Mommy's Little Matchmakers #2)

April 11, 2019


WOW, what a delightful book this was!  This is book two of the Mommy’s Little Matchmakers series to which are just getting better with each book.  Two 10-year-olds best friends take trickery to a whole new level to bring their parents together is this lovely sweet romance that will have you laughing to the end with the meddling girls with help from a Grandmother and a very lovable dog called Boomer.  I received an arc copy of this wonderful book and this is my honest and voluntary review.  I highly recommend this book as well as this series if you enjoy a sweet, heartfelt, heart-warming tale of love and misfit.


Cameron Baldwin is a single mother to her daughter Lizzie after her husband left 8 years ago to climb mountains as being a father was not for him.  Cameron was still thinking about dating again but she had to find someone that would tick all her boxes first.


"Stop it, Cameron.  You invited him to stay for dinner because it was the polite thing to do. No more daydreaming about him.  Stop it right now."


"Tonight might have shown her she was ready to start dating again, but she couldn't date Alex. Not as long as he was in the Army and had a chance of deploying.  Despite that fact that he was inching up her dateable list with every word he said."


What was it about this man that her constantly embarrassing herself?"


Alex Sanchez has only recently moved to St Judith for work with his daughter Mariana to take a desk job with no military deployment, so he is able to stay around to raise his daughter after losing his wife five years ago. He was very happy to meet the mother of his daughter's best friend but most of all he loved it when he started to get to know her a very intriguing woman in her own right.


"The officer scanned their picnic blanket. "Are those sandwiches with the crusts cut off and potato chips?"  "Just a little hint....if you want to romance a woman, you need to step up your game,"


"He didn't know why he was so nervous.  This was just a date.  With a beautiful woman."


Mariana soon becomes best friends with Lizzie and the two scheme to bring their respective parents together as their main wish is to become sisters.  They also wish for their parents to be happy again and for them to have a family all together.


But will the meddling trouble makers be able to pull off the perfect match make of the years?


All will Cameron and Alex put a stop to their daughters scheming?


File Size: 2422 KB
Print Length: 210 pages
Publisher: Sweet Promise Press (March 8, 2019)
Publication Date: March 8, 2019





Can two mini matchmakers convince their single parents that the four of them are meant to be a family? 

Cameron Baldwin has everything she needs to lead a decent life—a daughter who loves her, a mother who supports her, and a job with the flexibility a single mom needs. So what if a husband just isn’t part of that picture any longer? The last thing she needs is love, but that’s exactly what sparks in her heart when she meets a dashing single dad at school pick up. 

Alex Sanchez loved and lost and has vowed to never let it happen again. Being a single widower dad is difficult enough, but his career in the Army adds further uncertainty to his already complicated life. Taking a post in St. Judith offers stability for his family and a chance to open his heart to the single mother of his daughter’s new best friend… That is, if he’s brave enough to admit to the growing attraction between them. 

Thanks to the secret matchmaking scheme concocted by their ten-year-old daughters, they soon find themselves spending quite a lot of time together. Still, despite all they have in common, both are terrified of opening themselves up to heartbreak again. 

Will their daughters’ final scheme lead them straight into each other’s arms? Or is theirs a love that can never be? Find out in this fun, funny, and heartwarming tale of just how far two little girls will go to help repair their broken families.


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