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One Hundred Ways

April 15, 2019

My love for this series just keeps growing with every book I read.  The author keeps her characters, her town and her series captivating and totally enjoyable with each and every book she writes.  This is a beautiful love story about a girl needing to find herself and her place in this world and a very sexy fireman wanting to keep his foot firmly in the town he has grown to love and protect.  I also really enjoyed the interaction with the other characters in two during this read and with the anticipation of the next book and characters.


I am not going to write a quick overview but just going to list some of my favourite quotes.  As this is a must read series if you love small town romances.  I received an arc copy of this book to which this is my honest and voluntary review.

“There was no way he’d tell Maisey that his heart had skipped a beat as the blood flowed to his groin, for all he knew, she was Dalton’s sister.”


“She strolled back to her booth, passing Mr Green Eyes.  He looked up and smiled.  Her damn knees actually shook.

She mentally chastised herself for that reaction.  She hadn’t come to Aspen Cove to find a boyfriend.  She’d come here to find herself.”

“He’d had enough one-night stands in Denver to satisfy the busiest gigolo.  Nope, at thirty-four, Luke was looking for forever, and she’d have to be something pretty damn special.”


“His woman would have to be tough and confident.  She needed to be the type of woman who would love the community like it was her family.  As a public servant, he was married to everyone, so his wife would be, too.”


“When I kiss you, I’ll leave you breathless and wanting more.”


“Bend to her will? Luke didn’t take Riley to be the alpha female type- but then again, he hadn’t considered much about her beyond her fabulous curvy figure and her pretty face.”

Riley was determined to bury the old and start a new life here.”

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Welcome back to Aspen Cove, the tiny mountain town filled with fresh starts and happily ever afters…


After the death of her father, sculptor Riley Black leaves Butte, Montana for Aspen Cove in search of the family she’s never known. There, she will bend steel to her artistic vision… and maybe, just maybe find a place to belong. Her welcome is less than warm however when handsome fire-fighter Luke Mosier catches her violating fire safety codes.


Luke Mosier isn’t just dead sexy. He’s dead serious about keeping the people of Aspen Cove safe. He’s convinced Riley Black is an accident waiting to happen. Even so, under her welder’s mask, Riley is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. His iron jaw softens when he realizes she’s more than she first appears to be.. Not only can she melt metal, but she melts his heart.


As their attraction heats into a red hot passion and their world goes up in flames, Luke has to choose between love and duty. Will their bond hold together under the strain… or shatter into a thousand pieces?


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