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FREE for a limited time! Untamed Destinies is 3 uniquely different novellas, with differing heat levels, and different genres, but at the core of them all is finding your soul mate. Catherine Evans writes a gorgeous rural romance, Kim Petersen drifts into the mystical world of paranormal, and Beth Prentice pens a sweet romance with a touch of mystery. Together we've created a book where the reader can escape into diverse worlds with contrasting styles, and hopefully discover their next favourite author.


This novella got my complete attention straight away with author’s delightful storytelling ability to draw me back into her wonderful world of Westport.  Westport is a delightful town where many of the author's great characters are found.


This is the first romance only genre book that Beth Prentice as written as her former books have been a cozy mystery and romantic comedy.  This book felt different than her other books but different in a great and amazing way as it had a completely different feel but still with her wonderful characters and her humour in the simple things her characters do.  You could not help but fall in love with all the characters and laugh at them or with them or just simply relate to them in your own life.


Gracie Leanne Saunders loves her job at “The Ivory Veil Bridal Boutique” a place that has captured her heart since she was a young girl.  Her job is her passion where she loves to see a bride transformed when she finds that perfect dress that she has dreamed of wearing.  But Gracie is not expecting to find another passion in the Boutique when she gets a new boss Aaron Douglas.


Gracie had always hated Aaron since they were very young, but was it hatred or was it, love?


Or was it only her Gran’s warning about the Douglas man and the family feud between them, that made her think he hated her also?


Why is he back in town and know the owner of the Ivory Veil?


“Argh!  Why did this feel so good?  Why did I have to be attracted to the one man that I couldn’t have?


When they run across an old wedding dress in the shop attic the mystery to find the owner will bring more than just either believed was possible.


This is a sweet romance with a Hallmark kiss at the end that will leave you happy and content with the story.  Throw in a little family drama, a beautiful wedding dress, a sexy new boss and you will have Gracie having her world turned upside down and all turned around.  The flow of this book was wonderful and you could not help but want to keep reading to the very end.  I would highly recommend this book to any reader.



Does Grandma really know best?

Gracie Saunders loves her job at The Ivory Veil Bridal Boutique. She loves matching the perfect dress to the perfect bride, and she loves how the veil can show a woman what a bride really looks like. But when the boutique is bought by the one man she hates, suddenly her life is turned upside down.

Throw in a long-standing family feud, a mysterious wedding gown, and the blurred lines between love and hate, and Gracie finds herself in the middle of a web of complications.

Can she separate her feelings long enough to see what's real? Or will she be out of a job and single forever?


If you have read any of Kim Petersen’s work before you will understand when I say this author is very poetic in her writing style.  The beauty just flows from the words of this story, a story some may just have a little issue with.  This is a love story about two married people that met and have an instant connection.  You may say an affair but the author describes it as a Twin Flame soul connection.  Take it whichever way you want or your beliefs feel is right or wrong, but in the end, this is a story about following your feelings and dreams to find your complete happiness and spiritual happiness.


“Her thoughts pieced together the unusual experiences she’s had since Charly had been in her life – unexplainable synchronicities, uncanny images and dreams, telepathic communication and the overwhelming feeling of knowing him intimately”


Aire is a happily married mother who is working on improving her writing career and her desire to write a novel.  She is invited to go to New York City where she meets Charly and discovers a very deep soul connection with him.  She fights this attraction and connection and returns home to her family, but life has a way of unfolding around you as the spiritual connection still grows between the two even in two different countries.


Can she be the only one with these feelings?


Is she reading more into his emails than there is?


He is married as well.


Charly is my twin flame our connection does not have to be only in the physical sense, I feel his energy around me always.


“Life is full of choices” Where will Aire’s choices lead her?


I have read a few of Kim’s Peterson's books before and have always enjoyed them even when they are not in my preferred genre.  This book is only a novella but even though I enjoy her poetic style I did find some sections of this book to be too poetic that I took a little bit away from the story being told.


When it's real, can you walk away?

Arie is happy - life is good and she wants for nothing. That is, until she flies to New York City and discovers a soul connection so deep, she can't look away.

Charly is everything Arie never knew she wanted - he opens her mind to a beautiful soul dance that takes her so high, her world begins to unravel beneath her feet as she is faced with confronting reality.

The problem? They're both married, but that's not all.

Can Arie risk everything for a love deeper than anything she ever wanted, or will the dream die along with the truth?

Wildflower is a standalone paranormal romance. If you like forbidden romance, angst, and books you just can't put down, you'll love bestselling author Kim Petersen's steamy paranormal romance.



As I said at the start I have not read anything by Catherine Evans before this one.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story about fate and finding your right place in the world.  It was a fast-moving novella that was a sweet romance story that grabbed your attention with the wonderful characters including a horse.  I did have a bit of trouble with the realistic believability of Tamara stay and caring for a stranger after only a few days.  But that aside I was still taken in with these characters and the message the author is telling us through this story.


Tamara has always remembered your grandmothers saying to her when she was only a young child – “You'll fall head over heels in love after catching a storm while running.”  It’s a prediction that she has thought about off and on during her life but never made much out of the meaning of it all.  All until one day after moving to a small town she went of an afternoon run.  She comes across a horse in the way down the beach and with no rider in sight she with the horse in toe sets off to find the missing rider.


Rob open his eyes in the hospital and could only remember bits of how he got here, but he did remember the woman on the beach.  Rob a great life on his property with his horses and he love his horse Storm as he was a delegate horse with a troubled past.  Rob had retained him to be a great horse, but that was only around Rob everyone else thought he was still a troubled horse. I was a running joke with his sister Patti that when Storm likes a woman he will let near him, she will become Rob Wife.


Left with a broken collarbone and a very swollen ankle Rob was up for 6 weeks of needing help to do the basic things for himself.


Somehow Tamara got roped into doing the night shift care for Rob and these two strangers became friends.


But is friends all they will be?



You'll fall head over heels in love after catching a storm while running.

New to town, in a stressful job, Tamara Hancock jogs daily for her sanity. When she comes across a riderless horse, memories of her childhood flood back, including her grandmother's odd prediction.

Rob Richmond wasn't paying attention when his horse, Storm, dumped him into the ocean. With a suspected broken collarbone and ankle, he's not sure how he'll get home until Storm arrives with a woman who is part guardian angel, part Amazonian warrior, and all horse whisperer.

Tamara is difficult to work out. Sometimes funny, sometimes feisty, always skittish.

Can Tamara work through the pain of her past, and find hope for a future? Is Rob the man who can earn Tamara's trust and her love?

A sweet rural story of 19 000 words.

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