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Brilliant Brilliant – this book will have you on an emotional rollercoaster that will have you still wanting more as you struggle with each and every chapter.  Your emotions will struggle as this book is so well written that you can feel the characters feeling throughout this story as you grow to love them both.  If you have not read Haley Jenner I urge you to do so if you love your characters raw, honest, soul-shattering, soul searching but most of all true to themselves. This book may evoke some emotions in some people and a warning that a topic in this book may be hard for some to read. My heart was broken during this reading but also it was mended in such a way that this book and story may always stay in my heart as a lesson that you can overcome all the difficult things in life if you set your mind to it and have the right people around you.  This book is much more than just a romance story it's the secondary topic of this great book.

You can not help but feel for Zoe as she continues to find herself and her confidence in living. 

Tripp what can I say about this man?  I wish he was real !!!!!!!

IMPACT will totally impact you just like it impacted the characters in this wonderful and amazing story by the talented and brilliant authors.  Thank you for giving your hearts and soul to us all in this great book.  This is a book you must read, so if I say too much more it will give too much away and I believe you need to go head first into this story to get the fall effect and impact intended.


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// inhale, exhale. Sometimes it’s okay if the only thing you did today was breathe.

a marked effect or influence
My life has been severed into two distinct origins. 
Before. After. 
You don’t need to know too much of my life before. It’s no longer relevant to my story.
The damage is mine. I’m a ghost. The shell of the girl from before striving to survive in the after.
Love. Life. Friendship.
I’ve pushed it all away in my fight to breathe another day.
Who am I?
No one.
Worse, I’ve lost sight of why I continue to endure.
Until him.
Until he reminds me of the girl of before.

Warning: This book contains topics that may upset or offend readers, especially those who have previously experienced sexual violence.

I was reading this book while I was away this last week at Ayers Rock and even with this great view this book still had me hooked to go back to reading.  I had two things fighting for my full attention.




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