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How can this author keep wowing me with every book she writes?  This one is a very loving second chance romance with a bit of secrecy to the story that will have you turning the page to learn more.  Not only do with meet two new characters in this book but we get to see what is happening with Theo and Hadley as well, but this is still a stand-alone read as you do not need to read the first two books to follow this great story.  This is a very sweet, sexy and funny read that will melt your heart as it reinforces your belief in first and everlasting love.


Aiden Legend is about to star in his own TV reality talent show, “Stranded with a Legend” when he sees someone he thought he had lost.  His ex-high school girlfriend Corrie, what was she doing here on his show?  He didn’t really care he was just grateful to have the chance to apologise for leaving her.


Corrine Harper (Corrie) is second-guessing herself as to why she took this job?  A job that she is hoping will lead to her starting her career in the world she loves music.


“ I had months to mentally prepare myself for this day, so why was I such a wreck?
Well.  Because I thought I was over him.
I was wrong.”


“This was what it felt like to come back to life.  For years, I’d been breathing, yet drowning at the same time.  Existing, but not really living.  Playing a part.  Pretending to be happy.”

“I’ll be your courage if you’ll be my contentment.”

“The last time the world felt right was when I was with you.”

I must say I didn’t like the two characters on the cover as being relatable with the characters within the book after I finished reading.  The male looked like a player to which Aiden was anything but one.  The female looked like she was not interested in what he was doing to her as I do not care kind of look.  These are not the image of the character I get after reading this wonderful story.


“I should know what you taste like. What turns you on. What you look like when you sleep. Where your most ticklish spot is, and how you like to be kissed. By now, I could’ve known your body better than I know my own.”

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Print Length: 252 pages
Publication Date: May 9, 2019
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The last person I expected to see on this tropical island is my ex. Although, since I never actually broke up with her, isn’t she technically still my girlfriend?


Yeah, I’ve got some explaining to do. And groveling. Probably some begging, too. Good thing we’re stuck at this resort together for the next three weeks.


Corrine Harper is the only girl I’ve ever wanted, and I won’t let her slip through my fingers again.


They call me Aiden the unattainable. Consider me attained.



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