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The Brothers of Brigadier Station (#1 in the Brigadier Station Series) Audiobook

Wow! I would never have believed that I would say this, but I enjoyed and loved this Audiobook more than reading the book myself. That is saying something as I really love the book the first time a read it, as it was the first time I had read anything by Sarah Williams before. I am not a big fan of Audiobooks, I have listened to a few before, but didn’t find them as satisfying a reading. I believe it because you get your own picture in your head of the characters and how they may sound so consequently when listening to someone else read the story I am unable to fully engage with the character. But saying all this I must say that Myles Pollard nails this story and characters in such a way that even though I had only just read this book a few months ago it felt like I was hearing this story for the first time. I can not remember the last time I read a book, a second time, even though I did not technology read this book, but listen to it to the very end while still enjoying every word. 

The author could not have picked a better person to read this very heartwarming Australian romance in my opinion. The pitch, tone, flow, speed and passion in Myles's voice was mesmerising, it had me so engrossed in the story he was telling. Each character has its own individual voice, I really loved the voice used for Darcy it's very Australian and it's very much how I already had in my mind for him.


I gave my first review of this book a 4 star, but I will be happy to increase accordingly to a 5 star for this wonderful Audiobook version as the story was brought to life more for me with Myles reading of it. I happily listen to this audiobook over a few nights where it had a calming and mesmerising effect on me by the narrator's voice. Brigadier Station comes alive in a way that I could feel and smell the dust, dirt and animals just as Meghan did. 


This is how I believed Audiobooks would be like, they should bring the story to life and have you emerged into the characters of the books with each an every inspiring word the author has written through the voice of a narrator. But until I listened to this very book I had not experienced that total feeling of living the story along with the narrator. This version brings out the brilliant story that Sarah Williams has given us in the first place to a whole new level of entertainment and enjoyment. Well-done to first the wonderful Australian story and again for picking the best Australian voice and person to narrate it for you. I would highly recommend this audiobook even if you have never listened to one before or if you have read this book before.


The start of my first review of the ebook version:-

“Will she marry the right man, for the right reasons?”  If a bride has to ask herself this question I believe she is already in trouble.  We meet Meghan and Lachlan just after that have gotten engaged and Meghan is taking her two weeks holidays from her vet nursing job to visit Brigadier Station, Lachlan’s home and soon to be hers.
What would you do if you visited you fiancé’s home to find out you will spend more time with his younger brother than your fiancé as he was just too busy to spend time with you?


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PUBLISHER:Serenade Publishing Audio


LENGTH 05hr 01min 





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