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The Art of Dust (The Elsie Creek Series Book 1)

May 26, 2019

This book was just so addictive that I could not put it down even when the clock shinned 1.55am but my eyelids finally got their own way.  Lucky for me, I had the next morning off work so I could emerge myself back into this great book set in the Northern Territory small town called Elsie Creek.  I had the pleasure of visiting the Northern Territory last year, so consequently, I had a very vivid picture of what the author was describing during this story even without the personal experience the vivid description draw a wonderful picture on its own.

Mel A. Rowe has the ability to always grab my attention with her great writing style, relatable characters and the speed of how her stories flow.  The Australian Rural second chance Romance will have you holding your breath at moments, rejoicing the good times, broken-hearted with the mistakes of the past, but most of all your heart will be full with the love these characters have for each other and their small community.

Kathryn (Kat) Jones returned to the one home, she has ever had but it’s not a homecoming she ever wants to have.  Her Uncle has requested her to return from this hospital bed to help her Aunty during this hard time.  It has been seven long years since she left nevertheless she has returned to do what she does best, puts others before herself.  She has made a place for herself in her business and career, but the call home to the family that gave her the best summers of her life was too strong to refuse.


“If only she could avoid those who hurt her, which was a challenge in a town this small when she was only here at the request of a dying man.”


Kyle Smythe is a hometown boy that has found his place in this small town with a successful business as the local mechanic.  He owns the workshop where he works with his older brother and another young man.  Kyle would not say his life is wonderful, but he was happy, he was planning to propose to his current girlfriends soon when his ex-girlfriend returned to town and walked back into his life.  Kat’s leaving was still a loss he felt even 7 years later, but she was such a large part of his life for so long.  What would happen now that she had returned?


“Thank again, Kat had a habit of putting restrictions on people to stop them getting too close to her, so she wouldn’t get hurt.  But he’s never hurt her.
It’s a shame she’d hurt him.”


Kat and Kyle had spent every summer together as children and their friendship grow to romance, but it always ended at the end of summer as Kat returned to boarding school.  The two come together to bring happiness to a dying man that had been such a strong and willing influential man in both there life’s that the option to stay away from each other was not as strong as the need to help this man find peace.


“Now here they were, talking with that same ease, and why not? After all, they were friends first and always.  Maybe?”

File Size: 361 KB
Print Length: 268 pages
Publication Date: May 23, 2019
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English

Some summer loves you can never forget, found in a place where summer never ends and where you'll discover the essence of the rugged and romantic outback of Australia’s Northern Territory in this small-town series of Elsie Creek. It's a place filled with more cattle and crocodiles than people—who still manage to find love…


Are you ready to Escape to a HAPPILY EVER AFTER?


After seven-years, creative Mumpreneur, Kathryn (Kat) Jones, returns to the outback town of Elsie Creek at the request of her dying uncle. Kat can’t fix the man but she can care for his wife, fix his home, and fix his beloved vehicle to get him there.

Workaholic, Kyle Smythe, owns the only mechanical workshop in town, and he’s about to propose to another woman when his ex-muse rolls into his yard seeking help to restore her uncle’s ute.


For Kat, Kyle was her best friend, her creative collaborator, and first and only love. But his rejection tore her heart apart.

Kyle’s scars still sting over Kat’s desertion—especially when he’d needed her the most.


Yet these long-lost summer soulmates are compelled to team-up to make a man they both care for happy in his final days. Can they work together without re-igniting that spark shared those many summers ago? Or will it remind them of their promises of forever that ended in never…


Then you’ll adore Australian bestselling author, Mel A ROWE’s unique outback spin set in a place where cattle and crocodiles outnumber the people and where the summer never ends… Welcome, to Elsie Creek.






















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