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How has technology help you with writing?

June 3, 2019

Do you use modern technology with your writing and texting?  I do not know about you what how did we do without smartphones and computers?


I was never a loving of writing or even reading as a child and still struggles into adulthood but with time and technology this world of words has changed for me.  We have apps and programs that make this world for us so much easier to overcome if we struggle with spelling, punctuation, word placement, grammar and so much more.


Grammarly was an app a good friend told me about and I have been using it ever since.  It as been a godsend to me in the world of blogging, a world that I still can't believe I am involved in some days.  Every day!!!!!


You can add it to your computer, phones or even tablets to help with an array of programs.  For me it was a game changer.  It even checks for plagiarism.






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