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The Zanzibar Moon

What an adventurous tale this book was from a heartbreaking New Year's Eve to all the wonders of Africa. This has been the first paperback I have read in a while and I must say I really missed this form of reading. Donna Munro is a new author to me, an this is the very first book she has published. As an Australian, I really enjoyed the Australian lingo and quirks along the way. The flow or the story was good, it will whole your attention and keep you want to read and found out more. The author did also include a lot of African words and meaning to give you a very authentic feel to the story and you just might learn a few new words of African along the way. This kind of reading might be a bit of a distraction at first but stick with it the story will flow better after the author has given us a full description of Africa and the characters within it.


During this story will find our heroine travelling from her little suburban home in Australia to the dynamic country of Zanzibar where is volunteering to find herself again. Alkina finds herself an empty nest and a too time cheating husband at the start of a new year so she decided to fulfil her dream of going to Africa.


Dr Don Cloutier wanted Ali.


Kendwa wanted Ali.


Shaun wanted Ali.


Even Roger wanted Ali back.


Ali fell in love with the magic of Zanzibar and loved her job at the shelter helping the single mothers open up the old resort to support themselves and their children.


Will she find magic in the arm of another man? Could she just have a holiday romance and then return home to her children and friends? Or will this working holiday change her life forever?


“Maybe there is magic on Zanzibar after all.”


This book is full of wonder, magic, sadness, hope, regret, strength, sorrow, joy, love, chemistry, family, heartache, wildlife and most of all adventure that will fill you as you read. There was some part of the story I went really……but it was not my story to tell but the authors. It was a lovely change to the books I have been reading and I totally enjoyed this book even though I have had it sitting next to my bed for the last few months.


I meet this lovely author at a local signing event earlier this year and she was kind enough to give me this and the next book for free.  I was happy to read and review this book and will so with the next one in a little while.  Thank you.


The ebook is just $1.99 cents and I found it to be a nice chance in paste from what I have read lately.

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File Size: 603 KB
Print Length: 385 pages
Publisher: Warm Witty Publishing; 1 edition (May 22, 2017)
Publication Date: May 22, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English



The Zanzibar Moon is a mix of chick lit, adventure, romance and a tear jerker.


Alkina’s Jarvis thinks the best way to deal with the end of her marriage is to give her life a jungle twist.


Ali travels from Australia to Africa to volunteer, and is then sent to exotic Zanzibar. She helps abandoned mothers set up a self-sustainable refuge at a ramshackle beach resort.

There’s; a brawny exotic man walking a cheetah, a wizened woman with an ancient lamp, an old journal with secret pages, giant tortoises in caves and the wonderful eccentric characters of The Peace Resort.


Kendwa Ely is a wild and sexy adventurer. Sparks fly between him and Ali, and though he may be the Tarzan of her dreams, he comes with complications; a three-year-old son and a mysterious job.


Don Cloutier the island’s doctor struggles with his own demons; drink, women and temptation. Will he ever take his medical calling seriously and stop comparing himself to Kendwa, and perhaps win Ali’s heart?


Shaun Flannery is Ali’s handsome neighbour and friend. Can he make her see sense, or is he just wasting his time?


And Ali's husband can't make up his mind.


Ali can’t resist appealing Kendwa, and will his past come back to haunt them both?


When a medical emergency sends her racing home, she renews her family bond, uncovers a new betrayal and finds an inner strength from her time with Kendwa in exotic Zanzibar and the wilds of Africa.


But on her return to the island will the grief of what she finds overwhelm her?


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