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The Land Girls

What a lovely tribute this book is to all the women of the Australian Women’s Land Army.  This story will draw you straight into the 1940’s world as we meet three young ladies from very different walks of life living in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.   The author’s reference to this era was wonderful and in my mind very accurate to everything I have ever read or watched about this time in our history.  You could almost feel the pain and anguish the girls here experienced during this book, with there up and down while doing the part in the war efforts.  They wanted to do their part to help both the soldiers and their country so it may enable their loved ones to return safely and sooner.

This is the second book that I have read by this author and I must say I have very much enjoyed them both and look forward to having the time to read more of her wonderful work.  I enjoy her style of writing, the characters and the in-depth description she gives to make you immerse yourself into her world.  Once i started this great book I was fully committed with the story and the characters.  As a teenager I loved the TV show "The Sullivans" and this book reminded me of that wonderful old show I loved to watch every Sunday.  This is a wonderful example of Female Heroes in a world so different to the world females live today.  All your woman need to read and be inspired in the females of our past within this book.

Flora Thomas lives at home with her father and younger brother a Melbourne suburb with her other brother away fighting in the war. She is in her mid-thirties, a spinster known in her times with a very boring office job.  She is drawn to the Land Army after her younger brother is given a White Feather from a stranger on the street.  Feeling the need to help in the war in place for her brother Jake who is unfit for service she travels to Mildura to help on a farm picking grapes.

Betty, a 17-year-old lives in Sydney and works as a counter girl at Woolworths which is a job she enjoys.  Her best friend is about to turn eighteen soon and he will be off to war, so Betty thinks about joining the Land Army to help and do her part in the war effort.  She really wants Michael to come home safe and well.

Lily has been raised in the upper lifestyle of Adelaide with everything she wants or needs.  But she is the younger sister to a very talented older sister who is a doctor working abroad in Egypt in the war.  She has always felt like she was never as good as her sister, she decides to do her part with the war and the Land Army looks like a way she can do her part.  The boy she had been attending some dances and parties with is about to leave to training to become a pilot.

The girls all start this new chapter in their lives and will find their way through the hard work with good new friends and knowing they are doing something other than just sitting by waiting on a letter from their loved ones at war.  The girls will connect with each other along the way over the three years this book gives us there journeys.

Will all the pain, grief, loss, hard work, worry and waiting see the girls in a happy place at the end of the war?

Three girls

Three different stories

Three changed lives

Three Journeys 

Three love ones at war

Three loves

This is my honest and voluntary review and all my own opinions of this book that I received an ARC copy of off from NetGalley and the publisher.

Amazon :

File Size: 788 KB
Print Length: 380 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins (May 1, 2019)
Publication Date: April 15, 2019
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishers
Language: English


A moving story of love, loss and survival against the odds by bestselling author of The Last of the Bonegilla Girls, Victoria Purman.

It was never just a man's war...



War has engulfed Europe and now the Pacific, and Australia is fighting for its future. For spinster Flora Thomas, however, nothing much has changed. Tending her dull office job and beloved brother and father, as well as knitting socks for the troops, leaves her relatively content. Then one day a stranger gives her brother a white feather and Flora's anger propels her out of her safe life and into the vineyards of the idyllic Mildura countryside, a member of the Australian Women's Land Army.


There she meets Betty, a 17-year-old former shopgirl keen to do her bit for the war effort and support her beloved, and the unlikely Lilian, a well-to-do Adelaide girl fleeing her overbearing family and the world's expectations for her. As the Land Girls embrace their new world of close-knit community and backbreaking work, they begin to find pride in their roles. More than that, they start to find a kind of liberation. For Flora, new friendships and the singular joy derived from working the land offer new meaning to her life, and even the possibility of love.


But as the clouds of war darken the horizon, and their fears for loved ones - brothers, husbands, lovers - fighting at the front grow, the Land Girls' hold on their world and their new-found freedoms is fragile. Even if they make it through unscathed, they will not come through unchanged...



I just reviewed The Land Girls by Victoria Purman. #TheLandGirls #NetGalley


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