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The Trouble with You (Rixon Raiders #1)

June 19, 2019

I am never disappointed when I start to read one of L.A Cotton books and this one was a Can Not PUT It Down Book!!!! I was amazing and a real page-turner enemies-to-lovers romance story.  This is the first book in the Rixon Raiders series which is going to have me waiting for more as I just loved all the characters in this book and look forward to reading and learning more about all these characters as well as new ones.  Hailee is a very strong and determined young lady that is trying to make the best of what she has been given to make the best with her life.  I love the friendship that Hailee and Felicity have, I loved to hate Jason the books Bad Boy.  Cameron was the bad boy with a soft gooey middle that will melt your heart with the way he changes is way along the way due to the girl he should not want.

It was the start of Senior year so Hailee Raine only had one more year to put up with her step-brother and all the trouble that goes with this football-crazy town of Rixon.  Haille hated football, her step-brother Jason, his football friends but most of all she hates the way she has had to fight back to the never-ending pranks.  Jason’s two best friends Cameron and Asher are all arrogant football-crazed pigs.  Felicity is Hailee’s best friend since she moved to town 6 years ago.  Felicity has a list of things they both must to in their final year of high school.  A list that Hailee is not happy to complete but as a loyal friend she wants Felicity to have the experience all seniors want so she gives in to a lot of things she hates to do.


“So they like to get a rise out of you….You know, some people call that foreplay.”

"Flick shrugged.  “I'm just saying, he’s looking at you like you’re oxygen and he’s drowning.”


Cameron Chase is the Rixon Raiders star wide receiver and best friend to Jason, they dream of winning the State Championship this year as it’s their senior year before college football.  But Cameron’s life is not a rosy as everyone thinks, yes he is popular, has girl throwing themselves had him, great friends and College scouts after him for next year.  As the season starts the rivalry with Jason enemies causes Jason’s step-sister to be in the middle of all the trouble, he soon feels the need to protect her.


Cam -“Don’t cry, Sunshine, “I said.  I can’t bear it.

Hailee – “I really hate it when you call me that.”

Cam - “And I really love the way you blush when I do.”



She is off limits to the football team.

She is hated by the captain of the team and my best friend.

She is trouble for his friendship with Jason.

But he can’t help but help and protect her.


“Does hating me feel as good for you as it does for me?”


“It wasn't that I wanted her. I didn't. I just didn't like the idea of anyone else having her either.”


Can she trust Cameron to help?  What will Jason do if he knew they were spending time together?


“But as she walked away from me, I knew I was screwed. Because the rules had changed and I knew I couldn't stay away from her.  Even if I wanted to.”


"You don't hate me. You hate yourself. I'm everything you loathe, but you want me anyway."


Hailee has the opportunity to help Cameron when his world comes crashing down.  Will the chemistry be too strong for these two to keep fighting?  Will there be payback for either one of them?


"Each stroke of her tongue a patch on the hole in my heart; each touch of her lips a band-aid for my grief."


I received an arc copy of this book to which I have written my honest and voluntary review of this great book that I would recommend.

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Publisher: Delesty Books (June 19, 2019)

Publication Date: June 19, 2019

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English




From the author of the Wicked Bay series, comes an angsty YA/NA enemies-to-lovers romance. Cocky football players, school rivalry, and the girls who get in their way. Get ready … The Raiders are coming!


Hailee Raine only has to survive one more year.

One year of life in her football obsessed town.

One year of nauseating school spirit.

Just one more year of her cruel step-brother Jason; and his cocky, arrogant, football-playing friends.

She hates them. Especially, Cameron Chase, the guy she thought was different.


Cameron Chase has the world at his feet.

He has it all; good looks, talent, and the charm to go with it.

He has colleges lined up at the door, all wanting a piece of Rixon Raiders star wide receiver.

Until something threatens everything he's ever worked for, and only one person can quiet the war raging inside him.

But he's supposed to hate her; his best friend's sister.


She's off-limits.


She's trouble with a capital T.


Then Hailee finds herself in the middle of a football prank gone wrong...

And suddenly hating each other never felt so good.


The Trouble With You is the first book in The Rixon Raiders series. All books in this series can be read as standalones!



The Trouble With You

The Game You Play (coming soon)

The Harder You Fall (coming soon)


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