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An American Duchess

What a lovely book by a First-time Author to me this was even though I have had a few of her books sitting on my Kindle for some time.  It has always been her book covers that draw me into her books even without reading a word before.  You can rest ashore I will be reading more of her books now that I have the first-hand experience of her writing and storytelling ability to draw the reader into her wonderful land of the late 1880s.  This book is told by many different POV's but I love that about this book as I feel the story had more depth and knowledge by her writing in this format.

This Victorian Historical Romance will have you busy keeping up with all the characters and dramas that will unfold in Brightshire Kent England.  Duke of Brightshire. Beranger and Duchess Emma have arrived in England to claim their rightful place in English society.  A place that is Beranger by birth that he has only recently found out about after leaving his home at the age of 13.  With no other heirs left after the last one had a mishap.


Beranger memories are not happy ones but he hopes to make a life for himself and his new bride back in his place of birth.  Emma is an American girl that is more familiar to the life on a Colorado ranch than the high society of the English noble families.  She loves her and will follow him anywhere but can she fit into this life of prestige and positions.


Charlotte Aldridge is the local baker girl that lives and works for her Aunt.  She soon finds herself working in the Castle when her cousin Amelia is sick and unable to work her position as a Scully maid in the castle.  She is soon noticed for fine ability to bake and she befriends the new mistress of the castle the new American duchess Emma. 


This story is full of mystery, friendships, suspense, love, danger, secrets, and adjustments that it will keep you hooked to every word. Emma will try to make her way in this new world but she will also keep her own beliefs and values to maybe even try and chance this English society she now finds herself in.


I learnt after reading this book that this book is a spin-off of another series by Caroline Fyffe "Colorado Hearts" where we would have met one of our heroines, Emma, already.  She's one of the five sisters of Five Sisters Ranch in Colorado.  I will have to have these books to my read list.  "Heart of Mine (Colorado Hearts Book 3)" is where Emma Brinkman and Beranger North met and fall in love.


A woman's heart dares to defy the rules of Victorian society in USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fyffe's novel of romance, royalty, and a little revenge.


In Kent, England, the arrival of Beranger Northcott, Duke of Brightshire, causes a stir. Because with the duke comes his new American bride, who isn't quite what anyone expects. By accepting the hand of her beloved, Emma Brinkman went from hardworking Colorado rancher to duchess. Now she's expected to comport herself as nobility. Overnight. For Emma—stifled, homesick, and unable to shake the feeling she's being watched—the metamorphosis is a challenge. And if Emma's suspicions are correct, perhaps even a dangerous one.


Fortunately, Emma has found a trusted friend in the orphaned Charlotte, Brightshire's scullery maid. Charlotte longs to experience—if only for a moment—the luxuries and gentry romance that come with a titled life. When one of the duke's handsome cousins takes notice of Charlotte, the castle kitchen is set abuzz with speculation.

In navigating their two different stations, both servant and duchess alike will discover all they have in common—from secret fantasies to daring hearts to upending the rules of society. And that finding their places in the world—and love—is a dream that can come true—no matter the risks.



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