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The Model Wife

September 3, 2019

Wow-what a fantastic story this book was, it had me to the very end. This family will find a place in your heart and also make you think about your own life as you read their current journey of there life on the land. Three generations of woman all at very different stages in their lives tell their story as we explore the family dynamics of the Kings.


Natalie; a wife, teacher, mother and woman who always places her family first.
Milt: husband, father and a man of the land.
Olive; mother-in-law, grandmother and demanding matriarch of the family.
Kate; wife, daughter, sister, lives away from family and works with in-laws business.
Laura; daughter, sister, unemployed, unhappy, searching for more.
Bree; daughter, sister, girlfriend, slave labour to her father on the farm.


Natalie comes across an old book her mother-in-law gave her when she first married many years ago.
The Model Wife.

"A Husband is Master"

"A Model Wife Loves her Husband truly"

"Nothing destroys the happiness of married life more than a lazy, slovenly wife"

"It is the model wife's responsibility to provide her husband a happy home."

"The model wife respects and cares for her husband's parents and should put their needs before those of her own parents and herself."

"The model wife bears children and cares for them diligently."

"A frigid or indifferent wife could be supplanted by an ardent mistress."


The book brings back many memories from her life, at an age when we all take stock of the past and the future we travel along with Natalie on the road of finding herself again. She is not the only one in the family taking stock of their future and relationships, each member will have to find their place in this ever-changing world we live in.


This book is a wonderful portrayal of family and love. I would highly recommend this book as it is one of the best books I have read and enjoyed this year. I am around the some age has the main character and I felt her pain, guilt, dought, grief, commitment, responsibilities, sorrow, hope, fear, sadness, loss but most of all her love for her family and friends.


File Size: 983 KB
Print Length: 438 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins (September 24, 2019)
Publication Date: September 24, 2019
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishers
Language: English

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Even a good woman can be pushed too far...From bestselling author Tricia Stringer, this beautifully realised multi-generational family story looks at what happens when real-life betrayals and struggling relationships clash with outdated ideas of what a woman should be.


Natalie King's life is full. Some might say too full. With her teaching job, a farm to run, three grown daughters who have not quite got a handle on things, a reserved husband and a demanding mother-in-law, most days she is too busy to think about whether she is happy. But her life has meaning, doesn't it? After all, she is the one person everyone depends upon.


But when an odd gift from her mother-in-law - an old book in the form of stern and outdated advice for young wives - surfaces again, it brings with it memories she thought she had buried deep. Has this insidious little book exerted some kind of hold over her? Could it be that in her attempts to be a loving wife and mother, she no longer knows who she is?


On a day when it seems everyone is taking her for granted, and as the ghost of a past betrayal rises, it becomes clear that even this good mother and model wife can be pushed too far ...




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