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Cross your Heart

October 13, 2019

Cross your Heart should be called “Break Your Heart” as this is how I felt at many times during my read of the wonderful book by these two wonderfully talented ladies.  This book was full of so much more than just a love story it was full of many issues we can all face in this day and age from Bullying, self-doubt, rejection, loss, heartbreak, success, forgiveness and dreams.


This book is a friends to lovers second chance romance that will have you swooning over the characters as they struggle with their lives as young adults.  I have read all but one of Haley Jenner’s books and I still am amazed at the power their words have on me with every new book I read.

Have you ever been told Boys and Girls can’t be just friends?

Well at the age of ten Ried Rivere and Roxy Monroe meet and become best friends they made promises to each other and said Crossed Your Heart that their friendship would never turn into anything other than best friends.  They were inseparable for many years with them both almost becoming one person as they had so many interests the same.

“Feelings are more powerful than people give them credit for.”

But Roxy had been hiding some feeling for the past for years when the night of Prom come around she blurted out the words Ried never wanted to her to speak “I am in love with you”.  Reid did what he promised to do six years ago if there promises to each other were ever broken, to end the friendship and walk away.

“Truth is, I broke a cardinal rule”
“I’m the walking, talking cliché”
“My greatest secret, the largest part of who I am is the one thing Reid doesn’t know about me.  The one thing I can never tell him.  If I did, I’d lose him.”

“Reid is the right level of disinterested and the wrong amount of beautiful.  It’s the worst kind of heartache, being loved by someone so completely in the wrong way.”

It has been ten years since that day when their paths meet again and the old question of Can Males and Female be just friends will come into play again.  But can forgiveness be given or can you step back into old habits when your heart has been shattered?

“We may have found forgiveness, but our minds won’t ever let us forget the pain we inflicted on one another.”

They have both found their dream in the public eye doing what they both dreamed they would do together.  One has had great success one has struggled with their public image and struggles with self-doubt.

"..In the moments you struggle to recognize your own worth, they look at you, like Reid is looking at me right now, and you know that you’ve got this. Because even though you might not believe it, they do, and sometimes that’s all you need. Someone in your corner."

“Two wholes of an undeniable set. One doesn’t exist without the other.  Not comfortably.”

“The nature of bullying holds us back. Whether we’re the victim or the aggressor, all it does is breed hate in an already tumultuous world. Imagine if we could end that. Imagine if instead of manifesting negativity, we could inject more positivity, more love, more acceptance into the world,”

I am sure Reid and Roxy will find a place in your heart while you read about their journey in their life of self-discovery into the adult world.  This is my honest and voluntary review of this great book.


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Boys and girls can’t be just friends. A lie made up by overprotective fathers afraid of the illustrious teenage boy and his uncontrollable hormones.

Reid and I were the exception to the rule. Best friends. A friendship bound with the spit in our palms and the gospel of a crossed heart. I lasted four years before the cliche caught me. Another four before my truth surged forward with an attempt at a kiss and a drunken confession.

Ten years on, Reid Rivere is Hollywood’s golden boy. Ten years on, and I, Roxy Monroe have found myself embroiled in another cliche... at least I’m consistent.
Men and women can’t be just friends. I’m starting to learn that the hard way.


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