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Christmas Inn Love

October 22, 2019

I love the feeling I get after reading Kelly Collins, it’s that warm happy glow of being in love and completely happy with life. It’s also how she makes her characters feel as well, as each book crawls into your heart. This is another I can’t put down read that will have you incrossed in the wonderful characters of Pinetop, Colorado in this Christmas story of finding love in your hometown. If you love to read small-town romance I can not recommend anyone better to sink you reading eyes into but any of Kelly Collins great books. This is my honest and voluntary review of the great book.


Celia Roberts is living a good life with her 16 year old son Jackson running the local Hummingbird Inn. It’s not an easy life but she has made the best of what life has thrown her way. Being a single mother in a small town is not the walk in the park it may be in a big city but Celia has always put her son’s needs first.

Rob McKenna has returned home after the death of his mother a mother he has not seen so much of in the last few years. He left town as quickly as possible after school as he was controlled by his mother too much, as her fear was he would turn into his father was the only goal she had. Also school was not a great place for Rob or Robby at the time as he was bullied a lot. His mother did leave him a very big surprise she had a very large parcel of land that she owned but never did anything about. Rob is now a very wealthy developer and has big plans for the land.

His plan doesn’t go as planned as Celia is completely against anything that will affect her Inn and the income she needs to earn from her quaint little Inn in a small country town.


Can they both see the joy of the season and come together for the good of the town?


Or will this cause a town war that will affect all the activities of this wonderful season?


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Reputations are hard to come by in the big city and hard to lose in small towns...


Celia Roberts, the owner of the Hummingbird Inn has it all … almost. She has a wonderful son and a business she loves. Though challenged to make ends meet, she’s come a long way from the tough times she endured as a teenage mom. With the busy Christmas season ahead, things are looking up, until Scrooge himself arrives intent on putting a huge resort next to her inn—a resort destined to put her out of business.


Wealthy business developer Rob McKenna is coming back home to the tiny town of Pinetop, Colorado to tie up loose ends. After the death of his mother, he’s inherited her Victorian home, her dog, and hundreds of acres of land he plans to develop into a resort and sell. It all seems so simple until he runs into Celia Roberts. In high school, she was the “it” girl, and he was nobody. She dated the bully, and he was the target. Now he’s back, and she’s single, and as beautiful as ever. However, she’s the only thing standing between him and his plan to get in, get rich, and get out of town.


He wants to move the small town into the future. She wants to preserve the past. Can the magic of Christmas leave them both with full hearts and bright futures or will one of them end up with nothing under the tree?
























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