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RSVP for Two (Maple Glen #3)

October 22, 2019

It’s so wonderful to be back in Maple Glen again with the Mitchell family as we follow the stories of this community. In this book, the story is about Charlie Mitchell and Autumn Martin but like all the books in this series, we will get an update about the other characters we have already fallen in love with and the ones that have yet to tell us their story. This is a feel-good sweet romance that will leave you wanting more of these people and the town. It can be read as a stand-alone but to get the full effect I would suggest you read the series to appreciate the author's intent to share these wonderful characters with us.


Christina Butrum has given us a small town that to me I can in visioned with characters that feel real in situations that most of us can relate to in this crazy world we call life. I love learning more about each sibling in each book while following the lives of everyone in town. I love Fran and hope she gets the chance to tell her story to us one day.


Autumn come to Maple Glen with her best friend and business partner Cara Mitchell as she wanted to slow down the life that she had in the city. She has poured all her energy into restarting her Wedding Planner business in Maple Glen. She has only had little time to make friends but the early morning Coffee Girls meeting at the warm and cosy “Fran Coffee” was a highlight of her days. She has received and sent a few texts to Charlie Mitchell since they first meet before she moved to town, but that has stayed in the friend’s zone only.


Charlie Mitchell owns the bar in town while watching his siblings fall in love with their soulmates. Charlie cannot deny his feelings when he first met his sister’s best friend Autumn but he does not believe in love at first sight. But this may be a belief he will soon change his mind about as his mind is always thinking of the feisty and funny girl that his sister brought home.


Can you move a friendship to the next step without affecting the friendship?


Will they want to change things?


Will Charlie have what his siblings are finding?


Can Autumn keep her business growing in this small town?

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As a wedding planner, Autumn is focused on what matters most - her clients' weddings. She has no time to search for her own happily ever after.


So when she moves to Maple Glen, she doesn’t expect that Charlie Mitchell would be the one who makes her second guess everything.


Charlie’s plan of keeping Autumn as a friend backfires when he throws her plans for a loop. Creating drama was the last thing he wanted.


So when his brother threatens to toss him out of the wedding, Charlie has no choice but to make things right with Autumn.

The only problem? She’s focused on what could go wrong instead of what could go right.


When everything threatens to fall apart, will Charlie and Autumn run away from all that could be? Or will they see the potential to be the next ones down the aisle?




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