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One Hundred Regrets (An Aspen Cove Romance Book 11)

November 7, 2019

I spent my Sunday at home in Aspen Cove catching up with the wonderful characters I have come to feel I know very well that we are now up to book 11.  This book we get to read and learn more about Beekeeper Abby Garrett who we have met before in other books in this series.  She had had her eye on one of our lovely sexy man of Aspen Cove before but it was just not her time to find the ONE.  I don't matter what book of Kelly Collins I pike up to read I always feel at home with her characters and stories. Her books are one of my happy places where I can find peace and happiness in this crazy fast-paced world we live in.


Thank you.

Luke Mosier has tried to convince his brother to move to Aspen Cove for a while since he finds his place of happiness in the woman he loves and a place he has come to call home.  Cade has decided it’s time to start his own cattle station and Aspen Cove is the place he wants to call home to start this new chapter in his life. It is a chapter he had hoped to start a lot earlier in life but wrong decisions/wrong woman has delayed his plans and changed if outlook on his future.


Abby Garrett is known in town as the sweet, kind and very helpful young lady that loves her bees, she is loved by all in town for all the many items she makes with the honey she collects from her bees.  Abby is not happy when she returns home one day to find one of her Beehives has been destroyed by a cow.  A cow had the cow come from?  She soon finds out she has a new neighbour with cattle, how will this affect her quite live where she is happy to spend her time with her bee’s.  Her bees can sting her but that pain is far less painful than the pain of betrayal and a broken heart.


“Why was it that the devil was always handsome?”


Abby wants the cattle and the new sexy and handsome rancher gone before they drive her bee’s away.  But the more time she spends with the very frustrated man the more time she thinks about him.


How can Cade find a happy place with the beautiful, feisty and crazy bee lady next door?  He has vowed to stay single and keep the temptation of women to only one night stands with no commitment or feelings. Once burnt you should never go back for more.


“His philosophy was to avoid anything that could bite him, bore him, or break him.”


“There is a thin line between love and hate.”


The banter and wittiness between these two characters were so great that you could not help but laugh and smile your way through this book.  The chemistry was also there but that was kept behind closed door for the most parts.


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Welcome back to Aspen Cove where the honey is sweet but true love is sweeter...

Beekeeper Abby Garrett lives a quiet life in the valley between Mt Meeker and Long’s Peak. While bee stings hurt, betrayal is far more painful. After her fiancé left her for her best friend, she came back home to Aspen Cove hoping to heal and find real love. No matter how hard she tries, love eludes her. The only man whose paying attention is her new neighbor, and Abby can’t decide if she’d rather kiss him or kill him.


Cade Mosier came to Aspen Cove ready to make his mark in the world. He purchased hundreds of acres to raise cattle on, but his new neighbor Abby Garrett wants him and his cows gone. No matter what he does to appease her, she insists his cattle are as dangerous to her bees as pesticides. His ex-wife left him years ago and took everything, and there’s no way he will let another woman steal his future. The problem is, Abby is as frustrating as she is fascinating.


Abby is the new Hatfield. Cade is the new McCoy. Can they call a truce long enough to realize love is far better than war?



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