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Love's Final Match (Black Gold Management Agency Book 1)

December 20, 2019

It was wonderful to read a new book by Anne Stone again, I was looking forward to reading this book. I did struggle with parts of this book during my read but was hooked to the very last word. I believe my struggle was with Ashley herself as at many time I could not connect with her character and her decisions she was making. I also felt that some parts of the story we're given to much attention and other not enough, the follow was a bit up and down while I was reading it. But this is just my thoughts and every reader is different.


Morgan and Tony where two characters that I enjoyed to get to know throughout the book. They had a wonderful friendship with each other. This book is not a quick read as its full of suspense, drama, sadness, tennis and LOVE...

There will be many twists and turn along this journey that you may see coming and some may just totally surprise you.


The author has given us a drama pack story that will span over many years to give us Ashley's story of dreams, love, hope and achievements. This is a sweet and clean-read that will entertain you, break you, make you cry and have you holding your breath as to what will happen next.

 I received an ARC copy to which I am giving my honest and voluntary review.


Love in its many different forms will entertain you during this read. A great start to a new series that will have us reading through the night.



Ashley Hamilton and Morgan Cameron have been best friends since childhood. Now married, they are the ‘It’ couple of tennis, winning title after title, tournament after tournament. Together, with their best friend and fellow tennis star Tony Regada, they are unstoppable on the court.


However, Ashley and Morgan’s relationship is tested when Ashley receives a series of death threats after her continued winning streak. She’s not ready to retire from playing, but how can they start a family when her life is in constant peril?


Love’s Final Match takes you on Ashley’s journey to become the number one women’s tennis player in the world while simultaneously navigating love and loss, family and friendship. When tragedy and hardship threaten to tear Ashley’s world apart, will her faith and inner strength be enough to see her through?




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