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One plus Two (Maple Glen #6)

February 18, 2020

Book six and I am still enjoying every story Christina Butrum is giving us about the Mitchell family.  In this book, we get to see more of Carter Mitchell who is the brother too  Clayton "It Takes Two", Cara "Coffee for Two", Charlie "RSVP for Two", Catie "Room for Two", Cassie "Lesson for Two".


And we can not forget there matchmaking Aunt Fran from the coffee shop who gives her little piece of love to them all as they find there one true love.  One plus Two will truly give you them oh so sweet feeling when Hannah Michaelson finds herself with car troubles on the side of the country road outside Maple Glen in a snowstorm.


Hannah is not alone she has a six-month-old little girl named Grace with her.  Why has she left Chicago in a snowstorm with a baby on board?


Help is on its way when Hannah is found by Cassie, Grant and Alex.  Cassie has her brother Carter the local mechanic to come and have a look at Hannah's car.


Hannah is in search of a new start and a place for her a Grace her sister's daughter but she prepared to be stuck in this small town for over a week while her car gets fixed.  She only stayed to get her car fixed but she may just get more than she ever dreamed possible when the mechanic asked her out for coffee.


Carter is a man that was not looking for love or even believed in love again after having his heart broken but when a mother and baby turn up on the side of the road, this may all change.  But is she keeping secrets and why is she in a rush to leave?

Hannah has secrets she is keeping seeking hope and a new home but finds herself penniless in a strange town around strangers that only wish to help her and Grace the daughter they believe she has.


I love a man that loves babies and the connection between Carter and Grace will melt your heart.  I read this book in one sitting and still wanted more at the end.  This is a sweet read that will also reconnect you with some of the characters of the past books we have come to love.  I received an ARC copy this book to which I have given my honest and voluntary review.

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  • Publication Date: February 28, 2020

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Hannah Michaelson wants nothing more than a fresh start and a safe place to stay. The only problem? She’s stranded roadside in a small town in the middle of winter. Even worse? Her sister’s baby is asleep in the back seat.


Carter Mitchell has one goal in life—to be the best mechanic he can be while running a successful shop. That, and to avoid love at all costs. But when his family calls on him to help a distressed woman on the side of the road, he doesn’t hesitate. Certain that he can stay strong in the face of the stranger's beauty, he agrees to help.


Soon enough, the rugged mechanic realizes there's more to Hannah's extended stay in Maple Glen than he realized. His aunt is playing matchmaker again, but there’s something Hannah isn’t telling him.


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