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Midnight Son (True Alaskans #2)

March 9, 2020


My Review


I was not aware that this was book two of a series when I received this copy of this book.  Had I been aware the start may have been easier for me to get a handle of, as I was a little bit confused with the Delilah/Lilah name changing.  The start if full of people and character with a lot of information to grab onto but I am also a shift worker so it may have just been my mental frame of mind at the time.  I was glad I stuck with it as the story started to grab me as did the setting, Alaska I am always a sucker for any books in this wonderland.


This brings me to the ending............... it just ended and I want so much more to happen there are still so many questions about Boone's past not answered.  I may have not read book 1 but you can sure guess I will be reading a book 3 if the author writes one.


A second chance type of romance that is full of suspense and mystery that will have you with every twist and turn the author takes us on.  Boone has had a troubled life one of mystery even to himself as a young boy he found a place he wanted to call home the Campbell family.  But most of all he found someone to call his.  They are almost like family so any feeling of romance and passion would be the wrong thing for Andi as he is already shunned and looked down by the community in which he lives.


Andi Campbell has always called Boone her's since the day he turned up but to her, this feeling was not shared until one fateful day they spend together when her mother was missing.  A secret they kept from everyone in the family as they stayed away from each other as well.


They are off to Hennessy Cove for Delilah and Connor's wedding but Boone is bringing a plus one along, how can Andi be around him and her for three days.

The minute Boone sees Hennessy Cove from the sky he knows something is different with him he is uncomfortable with this place.  Will Boone find the answers he has always wished for but been afraid to find out?


Can Andi and Boone find a happy place together or even apart?

Will there be more happening on the Island Cove than just a Wedding?

Family drama at its best.

I received an ARC copy of this book to which I am giving my honest and voluntary review.


✶ New Release! Midnight Son by #MichellePace ✶
Available Now:
Series: True Alaskans; Book 2
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Screams. Flames. Shivering alone in the bitter Alaskan night – That’s all I can remember from before.
I don’t know where I came from or who I am, and I’m fairly certain I don’t want to. I am absolutely certain about Andi Campbell, though; she’s my light at the end of the tunnel, but I can’t tell her that.
Most of True, Alaska, still shuns me because I won’t speak, but not The Campbells – and that would change if they ever found out what Andi and I did when her mother was missing last summer. Andi seems to agree, and we steer clear of each other now.
But Andi’s sister Delilah is getting married, and it’s impossible to avoid one another at Hennessy Cove, the secluded inn the bride and groom booked for their intimate ceremony. From the moment we touch down, something about the place fills me with dread. And every time I cross paths with the smiling innkeeper, I break out in a cold sweat.
Knowing Andi’s sleeping in the room next door just makes that fever worse. 

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