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This is a wonderful book of three stories from Fern Michaels, Donna Kauffman and Melissa Storm. I have had the pleasure of reading books by Fern Michaels and Melissa Storm in the past to which I have always enjoyed but it a first time read by Donna Kauffman. Each story is about a Homecoming of different types but the main message in each was the love of home and family no matter how you have lived your life until now.


THREE’S A CROWD - Fern Michaels ****
Samantha Stewart has not been home in over 3 years, but she finds it time. Time to face the past and live for the future in the place she calls home. These last three years have been wonderful, eye-opening, scary, frightening but she would not change a single thing about who her life has a war correspondent.


Its Mother's day weekend as she returns home to her parent's place, but she is not returning alone. She has her 8-month-old daughter with her, a daughter she has not told her parents about even though she has been in contact with them during her time overseas.


She cannot explain what has happened in Afghanistan or even about the father of her child. Will her parents forgive her about the dispersion, and will they accept their granddaughter with love?


I love the story right up to the very last character but the ending for me was too rushed; it felt uncompleted to me.



As I have not read anything by Donna Kauffman before I soon learnt that this novella is part of a series "Blue Hollow Falls" that going by this books sounds great. I loved all the characters in this book and would love to read the other books as well.


This story is a second chance romance where it has been Ten years, five months, two weeks and four days according to Declan MacGregor when he sees his childhood friend/ sister Katie again. Declan was taken in by the MacMillan clan as a 10-year-old boy who was always running away from his foster homes.


Katie MacMillan has come to Blue Hollow Falls to start a new chapter in her life and help her sister/boss with her new stage of life: motherhood. But when she arrives she soon learns things are not as she planned.


Declan MacGregor has found a home in Blue Hollow Falls after all his travels around the world looking through his camera lens, a home that even surprised him. He knows she is coming but he is still taken by surprise when he first sees her after all these years.


Years have not changed either one too much as they both will fight the feeling of their childhood and the feeling of family commitments. They grow up together in the same house how can they possibly feel the way they do even now after many years apart?


I really enjoyed this story and felt a connection straight away with the characters. A wonderful feel-good read for everyone.


BRING ME HOME * Melissa Storm ****

I have read many Melissa Storm books before and in normal Storm style this book was full of emotion and feelings but not all of them where happy ones.


Hazel Long's dad has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer which has a big impact on Hazel has her father is all she has. They have a very close relationship and she is happy to sit by the hospital with him to spend as much time as possible with him.


Hazel makes some new friends while at the hospital that will help in the hard days to come. As the cancer and treatment proceeds, Hazel learns many things about the mother she barely knew as her father shares memories of her mother with her.


Keith is the very sexy and cute Chemo Nurse that works at the hospital, Hazel gets to know him as her father's treatment continues and he and the group of woman she met are a strong source of emotional help in Hazel dealing with the reality of her loss.


I struggled with this story on a personal level that had no reflection on the writer or the story.



THREE'S A CROWD * Fern Michaels
This Mother's Day will be the first in three years that Samantha Stewart has spent with her parents. And she's bringing a very special gift--the baby granddaughter they've never met. Sam's work as an overseas reporter was exhilarating and dangerous. Now she's seeking stability for little Caroline--and answers for herself--and finding them in a homecoming full of surprises . . .


The moment she set foot in Blue Hollow Falls, Dubliner Katie MacMillan felt right at home. Back to help with her sister's pregnancy, she's contemplating her own future, especially when she confronts Declan MacGregor, her childhood tormentor and first crush. This Blue Ridge town was supposed to be a new beginning, but can it also be the setting for a second chance?


BRING ME HOME * Melissa Storm
For Hazel Long, spending time with her bedridden father is bittersweet. There's comfort in the friendship offered by other hospital visitors--and the kindness of a handsome male nurse. And when Hazel's father begins to tell her the story of the mother she barely knew, it's an unexpected chance to bond, and a lesson in making the most of each new day.

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