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Christmas for Two (A Maple Glen Romance)



Fran Cooper knows how hard it is to find love in the small town of Maple Glen. She knows it’s even harder to recover from the pain of lost love when it doesn’t work out.


As the town’s matchmaker, she’s dedicated her life to finding love for its residents, but can she do the same for herself?

Curt Dixon is no stranger to the sting of loss. When he returns to Maple Glen to aid his ailing father, falling in love again with the beautiful yet formidable Fran Cooper is not in his plans.

But as Fran and Curt both know, sometimes plans are made to be broken.


In this sweet, second-chance Christmas romance, the town matchmaker will find a match all her own.



We finally get Fran's story I was so excited about this book, the town's matchmaker get her love story.  I am always excited when the romance is about an older couple, and if its a second chance it has me hook line and sinker.


Maple Glen is a town that makes me feel happy every time I step into one of these books.  Fran has had a little hand in all the happy endings in the Cooper's and Mitchell's families of late.  Its two weeks out from Christmas when Fran is about to do one the of families Christmas tradition that just may change her future forever.


Curt Dixon had not been home to Maple Glen in the last thirty years, but when his mother phones to ask him to return home.  He left his family, friends and his young love when his older brother Shane accidentally died thirty years ago to help his sister-in-law run Shane's Ranch in Montana.  Shane's boys had all grown up and could do without him for a while so the timing was right to finally return home.


Fran is happy with her life she has her family, coffee shop and the town of Maple Glen, she has never married or had her own children but has devoted her love and time to her nieces and nephews.  She has known love in her life but lost that one true love many years ago without even a simple goodbye when Curt Dixon left town and her behind.


Curt finds out his very bitter old man wants to sell the family Tree Farm just weeks away from Christmas.  Curt will have to face the possibility of losing his family home or fighting to keep it, but can he stay in Maple Glen forever?


Can the memory of the only girl he ever loved give him an extra reason to stay in town longer than planned?


A very sweet and clean romance that will have your heart swooning with love, hope, forgiveness and possibilities.  Can love come around a second time after thirty years apart?


I only have one issue with the book I wanted more, I needed more.  I felt the story could have been longer and I was not completely happy with the ending it felt a little unfinished.  Do not get me wrong this is a wonderful book to read and if you have read the others in the series you will agree with me how talented Christina Butrum is with this Maple Glen Series.






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